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  • From Victim to Victor: A New Inspirational Short Film About a Spiritual Entrepreneur

    A new short film by Karuna Productions, released on July 1st, depicts the journey of Avelo Roy (Ajita Das), a shy, often bullied, introvert boy from Kolkata, who moves to Chicago at the age of 19, and convinces major corporate CEOs to invest in his startup. He makes his first million dollars at 22, and now, ten plus years later heads six businesses, while inspiring thousands to use their skills and passion to find their purpose in life.

  • Homeschooling Webinar With Krsnanandini Dasi

    Krsnanandini dasi is a true warrior! Although she has recently gone into the stage of hospice care at home after a painful battle with cancer, her service spirit remains undaunted. She will be the guest presenter at yet another webinar – this time, sharing her homeschooling experience.

  • First Krishna Homeschool Convention

    Forty four adults and nineteen children came together in the home of Sri Sri Kishore Kishori in Chicago during the weekend of July 13 and 14 to participate in the first-ever Krishna Homeschool Convention.

  • First-Ever Krishna Homeschool Convention To Be Held in Chicago

    Sri Sri Kisore Kisori Mandir will host grahasthas who are currently homeschooling their children, or considering it as an option for the future, for a first of it's kind "Krishna Homeschool Convention" to be held on Saturday, July 13 and Sunday, July 14. 

  • Beloved Cook of ISKCON Chicago, Visvakarma Das, Departs

    A beloved friend and guide to many, Visvakarma Das dedicated his entire life to the service of Lord Krsna. The past 22 years he spent devotedly cooking for the ISKCON Chicago community, amazing devotees with his qualities of compassion, care, and expertise in service. 

  • A First-of-it's-kind Krishna Homeschool Convention

    The unique feature of this convention will be multiple panelists and presenters with experience in homeschooling.

  • ISKCON’s Global Contributions Recognized at the World Hindu Congress

    The World Hindu Congress, which has been billed by many as one of the largest international Hindu conferences with over 2,500 participants from 60 countries, recognized Srila Prabhupada and his International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) for its vital role in spreading the message of Bhagavad Gita around the world.

  • Krishna Lunch Comes to Chicago
    After seeing the success of the Krishna Lunch program at the University of Florida in Gainesville—which serves hot vegetarian meals to around 1,000 students daily—ISKCON devotees in Chicago have followed its example to create their own.
  • Devotees Reach African American Community at Bud Billiken Parade
    Over fifty devotees from Matteson, Illionois; Columbus, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and New York City, including Chicago GBC Romapada Swami, participated in the City of Chicago’s Bud Billiken Parade on August 11th.
  • New ISKCON Center Opens in Chicago Suburb of Naperville
    The July 4th weekend is a day of celebration for all Americans; but for ISKCON Chicago devotees, it was especially joyous this year, as they opened their new center in the suburb of Naperville.
  • Jagannatha Appears in Chicago Parade
    CHICAGO, Illinois – Devotees from around the United States gathered to perform the public singing of the holy names and pull Lord Jagannath’s chariot as part of a parade in Chicago on August 11. More than 1.5 million spectators lined the streets as the parade wound its way through the south of the city.