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  • Mayapur Escapes Cyclone Amphan With Minimal Damage

    Amphan, which was the most powerful cyclone ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal before it weakened, destroyed homes, trees and bridges, and left rural areas without power or communications. 

  • Sacred Sites Damaged, But No Devotees Reported Injured in Puri Cyclone

    The sacred city of Jagannath Puri was one of the worst hit, with 25 deaths. According to ISKCON devotee Madhavananda Das, who runs Gopal Jiu Publications from Puri, no ISKCON devotees were killed or seriously injured.

  • Mega New Visakhapatnam Temple Rises Out Of Cyclone Hudhud Destruction

    When Cyclone Hudhud raged through the province of Andhra Pradhesh on India’s East Coast on October 12th 2014, it caused serious damage to ISKCON Visakhapatnam, leaving devotees feeling demoralized. But like the proverbial phoenix from the flames, a grand, beautiful new temple is rising from the debris. Construction began on the auspicious day of Gaura Purnima on March 5th this year.

  • ISKCON Visakhapatnam Still Rebuilding After Cyclone

    Devotees are still rebuilding their temple complex in the city of Visakhapatnam after Cyclonic Storm Hudhud ravaged it back in October. The cyclone blew through the province of Andhra Pradesh on India’s East Coast at speeds of 109 mph, causing $11 billion USD in damage and killing over 100 people. Fortunately, it spared the devotees and the Deities at ISKCON Visakhapatnam, but destroyed the community’s gift shop, dioramas, temple shed, and goshala (cow shelter)

  • My Experience With Cyclone Hudhud

    A little later the kitchen roof flew away, along with some bowls and plates. When I saw the sheets on our temple hall flying away tears went rolling down my cheeks. We all prayed very sincerely: “oh, Kishna, please protect yourself.”

  • Cyclone Hudhud Hits ISKCON Visakhapatnam

    Cyclonic Storm Hudhud raged through the province of Andhra Pradesh on India’s East Coast on October 12th with wind speeds of 109 mph, causing what initial estimates say could be as much as 70,000 crore rupees (11 billion US dollars) in damages and killing at least 84 people.

  • ISKCON Feeds and Cares For Victims of Cyclone Phailin

    When Cyclone Phailin hit the Eastern Indian states everyone feared the worst. Fifteen years ago, a storm of similar power, killed 10,000 people. But this time, the government took serious precautionary measures by evacuating 900,000 people to shelters. Still, the situation is serious. To provide aid, ISKCON Food Relief Foundation joined forces with ISKCON Juhu and Chowpatty in Mumbai.