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Cyclone Belal Threatens Mauritius, ISKCON Mauritius Devotees Safe Amidst Adverse Conditions
By Atma Tattva Das, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Jan 15, 2024

In the face of Cyclone Belal’s imminent threat to the island of Mauritius, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Mauritius assures that all devotees are safe and sound, with no reported damage to any of their temples or centers. Unfortunately, the cyclone has claimed the life of one Mauritian motorcyclist, and significant flooding has been reported in the capital city, Port Louis, and other parts of the island.

Srinjay Das, the Director of ISKCON Public Relations and Communications in Mauritius, conveyed the status of the devotees, stating, “All devotees are safe and sound. There is no damage to any of our temples/centres in Mauritius.”

The cyclone, currently classified as a severe tropical storm, is expected to maintain its strength throughout the week. The National Crisis Committee, in accordance with the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act, has issued an order for residents to remain indoors, with exceptions only for essential and emergency services, Disciplined Force employees, and individuals seeking medical treatment or essential items.

The cyclone, identified as Belal, rapidly intensified as it approached the Mascarene Islands, prompting Météo-France to issue a red cyclone warning for Réunion, where the storm is expected to make landfall or pass close by. Belal is anticipated to remain a strong storm as it approaches Mauritius, passing south of the island on Tuesday before heading eastwards toward Rodrigues later in the week.

The broader implications of Cyclone Belal extend beyond Mauritius, with northern Australia also bracing for inclement weather due to the monsoon trough. The Australian monsoon is expected to bring severe thunderstorms, potentially resulting in significant rainfall totals exceeding 100mm across northern parts of the country.

As ISKCON Mauritius monitors the situation closely and extends its support to the local community, residents are urged to adhere to the government’s directives and stay informed about the evolving cyclone conditions. The global ISKCON community joins in prayers for the safety and well-being of all those affected by Cyclone Belal.

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