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Articles tagged as Floods

  • Ganga Floods Sri Dham Mayapur

    The monsoon in West Bengal is midway and has brought tremendous rainfall already. The ISKCON Mayapur campus and the surrounding villages are fully flooded with three feet water. Devotees now are getting around in boats and still continue to attend temple functions and visit the Deities. 

  • Flood Ravage and the Dams of Uttarakhand - The Untold Story

    This video is about the 2013 devastating floods in Uttarakand, India, caused by uncontrolled dam-building, mountainside destruction, and other irresponsible human activities. To help their investigation, the film has been presented to the Supreme Court of India.

  • ISKCON Hungary Sends Aid to the Flood Affected Bosnia

    On May 23rd, ISKCON Hungary has sent a group of volunteers to the flood affected Bosnia. Having served in several flood and other natural disaster affected areas, these volunteers are experienced humanitarian workers. Primarily, they will help in the Sarajevo area by cooking, serving, driving and taking care of the victims in many other ways.

  • ISKCON Food Relief in Flooded Serbia

    A shocking video about the flooded Obrenovac area (Serbia), and about ISKCON devotees' efforts to reach the people in need and help them with fresh drinking water and hot meal. 

  • ISKCON Devotees Help During Floods Sweeping Through Central Europe
    Rising rivers menaced swaths of Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria this week, as floodwaters inundated historic cities and forced mass evacuations of low-lying areas. While the Danube floodwater level is expected to reach its highest point on Saturday, June 8th, ISKCON devotees are helping those getting prepared to protect the inhabited areas.
  • Russian ISKCON Devotees Continue Helping People in the Flooded Krasnodar Area
    From the first hours after the strong flood which has affected the towns of Krasnodar region and taken a great number of lives, Vaishnavas from southern Russian cities (especially from Novorossiysk and Volzhsk) along with Christians volunteers have been doing extensive civil services in the area.
  • ISKCON Devotees from South of Russia Help People in the Flooded Areas
    The Hare Krishnas are distributing hot food and giving out the collected clothes to the aggrieved people in Krymsk and other towns in the zone of a strong flood which has fallen upon the region during the night of July 6th-7th.
  • Hare Krishna Movement Continues to Help Flood Affected in Fiji

    Many relief organizations are currently out in the field providing relief supplies to the flood affected people in the western division as many people need asisstance.

  • “The Water Took Everything”: Hungarian Devotees Help In The Flooded Area
    Since the beginning of June, unusual flooding has been causing major problems in Northeastern Hungary. The members of the Hungarian Society for Krishna Consciousness have been distributing a thousand plates daily of free food in the flooded area.
  • ISKCON Brings Relief to Orrisan Flood Victims
    One of the biggest floods in Indian history has inundated the state of Orrisa since 15 September 2008 when waters from the Mahanadi river surged into almost 20 districts. An estimated 3 million people are affected in what has been described as an unprecedented flood in the Mahanadi river system.