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  • Several ISKCON Temples Begin to Reopen with Restrictions

    After months under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some ISKCON temples around the world are gradually starting to reopen in phases, with safety restrictions in place according to their local government recommendations. 

  • 8,000 Learn About Simple Living, High Thinking at Krishna Valley Fair

    “Krishna Valley is not just for us to realize Srila Prabhupada’s vision of simple living, high thinking, but to show others that it’s accessible, and teach them how they can also live naturally while keeping God in the center, ” says Communications director Gandharvika Prema Dasi.

  • New Vrajadhama Warms Hearts This Autumn

    Dovetailing the fall pumpkin obsession in a Krishna conscious way, devotees drew 300 tourists to New Vrajadhama for their autumn Pumpkin Festival on October 14th. On this day the temple and altar were decorated with beautifully painted pumpkins inscribed with lotus designs and the Hare Krishna maha-mantra.

  • ISKCON Farm Conference Celebrates 10th Anniversary

    The event showed how far ISKCON farms have come in networking and working together particularly over the last decade, with conferences now regularly organized in four continents by the GBC Ministry of Agriculture and Cow Protection.  Because the ISKCON Farm Conference began in Europe in 2008, however, the 10th anniversary event focused on European farms. 

  • Celebrating Janmashtami and Srila Prabhupada Vyasa Puja in Krishna-valley, Hungary

    A video by Kunjabihari Dasi.

  • Spring in Krishna-valley: Happy Cows Grazing for The First Time

    Krishna-valley, Hungary, is one of the main cow-protection centers in Europe. This video by Kunjabihari Dasi captures the happy moments when the cows are let out to graze on the fields for the first time, after a long cold winter.

  • Winter Arrives at New Vraja Dhama

    New Vraja Dhama is a self-sustainable Krishna-community in the heart of Hungary. Its beauty is marveled by the tens of tousands of guests who visit there yearly to relax and to learn about "simple living - high thinking." A video by Kunjabihari Dasi. 
    Music by Shaun Taylor McManus - Last Memory

  • Govardhana Puja Around the World in Photos

    Govardhana Puja – the sweetest day of the year – celebrates the day when Lord Krishna as a young boy lifted Govardhana Hill with just His little finger, to protect the residents of Vrindavana village from Lord Indra’s furious thunderstorm. Devotees around the world pour their hearts into their own offerings for the late October festival, engaging their creativity in Krishna’s service to often astonishing effect.

  • ISKCON50 Book Distribution Days in Hungary

    As part of the ISKCON50 program series, Vaishnavas in Hungary organized a two-day national book distribution event, taking place at different locations of the country. Devotees who had never distributed books before, or had not taken part in sankirtana for a long time were also involved. During the two days, 36 participants from the farm sold 619 books, while the 195 devotees on the streets of Budapest distributed 2,650 books. 

  • Heaven on Earth: Krishna-valley, Hungary

    A video by Ananta Vrindavan.

  • New Eco-School Inaugurated In Krishna-valley, Hungary

    Krishna-valley in Somogyvamos, Hungary is one of the fastest growing villages in the area. In the past two decades, due to the hard work of the devotees, the 275 hectars of land has become Europe’s largest eco-village. There are 50 children living in Krishna-valley, who, by know, outgrew the original school building. Therefore it was time to build a new building, which, with its 200 square meters, 3 classrooms, big communal space could accommodate an additional 48 students.

  • Visit of Budapest Accredited Diplomats to Krishna Valley, Hungary

    To spread awareness of the importance of cows for a peaceful society, the devotees at New Vraja Dham organise a special festival every spring to celebrate the first grazing of the cows after a cold winter. 

  • Krishna-conscious Carnival at Hungarian Nursery Schools

    It is an age-old custom in Europe that people say goodbye to the cold and dark winter and welcome spring in a celebratory way, singing, dancing, and dressed up in colorful costumes. The students of Krishna-valley and the Budapest Gurukula’s nursery schools did not want to miss out on the fun, so they also put up their own show, -- while at the same time kicking off ISKCON's 50th Anniversary year. 

  • Open Weekend in Krishna-valley: "Outsiders" Experimenting with the Hare Krishna Lifestyle

    A short video of  "outsider" people trying out the Hare Krishna lifestyle for a weekend in Krishna-valley Indian Cultural Center and Ecofarm, Hungary. (Text in Hungarian.)

  • “Blossoming of Vedic Life in Rural Hungary”- Art Exhibition Opens in Budapest, Hungary

    On September 18th a special art exhibition opened at the Cultural Center of the Indian Embassy in Budapest, Hungary. The “Blossoming of Vedic Life in Rural Hungary” exhibition displays over 40 original drawings from ISKCON-guru and author Sivarama Swami’s new book the Nava Vraja Mahima, a monumental work in glorification of New Vraja Dhama (or Krishna-valley), a rural Vaishnava community in Hungary.

  • Spiritual Embassies of the World - New Vraja Dhama, Hungary

    New Vraja Dhama, or Krishna Valley as it is also known, is a 250 hectare self-sufficient Hare Krishna farm community in Hungary. This 30 minute film by Barnaby Booth explores the experiences of different devotees living in and visiting the community.

  • Dialogue of Cultures: Hungarians, Romas and Hare Krishnas in Somogyvamos

    The cul-de-sac village of Somogyvamos, Hungary, inhabited by a thousand people sets a very good example of cooperation: Hungarians of diverse religious and social backgrounds, Romas (commonly known as gypsies) and Hare Krishnas, putting aside all their differences and focusing on finding common grounds, have been working harmoniously together for over 20 years.

  • Hungary’s Krishna Valley Celebrates Twenty Years
    Krishna Valley, ISKCON Hungary’s 660-acre sustainable farm, celebrated twenty years on May 15th, with a special program and the official opening of its new reception building.
  • Sadhana Lila: Destination Unknown

    Sadhana Lila pop-rock singer was inspired by her visit in Krishna Valley, Hungary, and as a result of that she wrote a song about her spiritual quest.

  • Pillars of Sustainability Seminar in Krishna Valley, Hungary
    The Eco Valley Foundation is organizing a seminar entitled "The Pillars of Sustainability", which will take place between 22nd and 30th June, 2013, in Krishna Valley, Somogyvámos, Hungary.
  • Spiritual Embassies - New Vraja Dhama

    New Vraja Dhama, or Krishna Valley as it is also known, is a 250 Hectare self-sufficient Hare Krishna farm community in Hungary. This 30 minute film explores the experiences of different devotees living in and visiting the community.

  • ISKCON Devotee Elected to Council of Eco-Village Network
    GEN describes itself as a constantly expanding group of intentional communities and eco-villages, that bridges all cultures and aims to create a global pool of wisdom for sustainable living.
  • Cows and Children Protest Outside the Hungarian Parliament
    On Tuesday December 14th, members and supporters of the Hungarian Society for Krishna Consciousness protested outside Hungary's Parliament against a new law that could strip them of their status as a recognized church, and which puts the very existence of their world-famous self-sustainable Krishna-valley farm into question.
  • Dozens Of Small Churches In Hungary Fear Loss Of Status Due To New Politicized Law On Religion
    Hare Krishna members on Tuesday protested outside Hungary’s Parliament against a new law that could strip them of their status as a recognized church.
  • "Sir! Where Can We Graze?" – Cows To Demonstrate In Front of the Hungarian Parliament
    In order to protect their land and their cows, on December 13th, 2011, Hungarian Krishna believers will hold a peaceful demonstration in front of the Parliament in Budapest.
  • Pillars of Sustainability: Conference in Krishna-valley, Hungary
    From October 9th to 16th, sponsored by the European Union, the ISKCON associated Eco Valley Foundation of Hungary held a week long seminar called Pillars of Sustainability, at New Vraja Dhama, the Hare Krishna farm community in the South-Western part of the country.
  • Krishna Valley Visitors Learn Sustainability and Mud-House Building
    One professor and seven university students from France, Germany, the US, and Belarus attended a seven-day mud house building workshop at Krishna Valley from June 6th to 12th, as part of their landscape development and management study.
  • Children`s Art to Protect Cows
    The Shri Prahlada elementary school, situated in Krishna-valley, Somogyvamos, Hungary held its annual children`s art competition. This year the topic was cow protection. 265 children from all over Hungary sent in their drawings and paintings, all emphasizing their love for cows, the need to take care of them, and the importance of milk products in people`s lives.
  • New Vraja Dhama Plants Forests for Carbon-Neutral Heating
    Devotees at New Vraja Dhama, a sustainable ISKCON farm community in Hungary also known as Krishna Valley, are set to plant 6.5 hectares of trees—an incredible 50,000 Acacias, Oaks, and Willows—on their property at the end of this March.
  • Krishna Valley Featured at Budapest Tourism and Travel Expo

    Devotees from ISKCON Hungary’s Krishna Valley presented their rural community’s activities at Budapest’s annual Tourism and Travel Expo this year, in an effort to further promote the already very popular tourist attraction.

  • Krishna Valley Representatives Attend Mexico Climate Summit

    Two devotees from ISKCON Hungary’s non-profit Eco-Valley Foundation (EVF) attended the COP16 Climate Summit in Cancun, Mexico from November 29th to December 10th this winter.

  • Hungary`s Krishna Valley Devotees Elected to Local Mayor’s Council
    Since 1998—for the past three elections—one of the seven people on the Mayor’s council in the village of Somogyvamos in Hungary has been an ISKCON devotee. This year, there will only be four people on the Mayor’s council, as well as the newly elected Mayor Mrs Marianna Dekanyne Karoly—and three of them will be devotees.
  • Krishna Valley Teaches Sustainable Living to Thousands
    Established in 1993 by ISKCON guru and GBC Sivarama Swami, Krishna Valley is a sustainable farm community of the kind that ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada encouraged devotees to establish all over the world.
  • We Are All Children of Mother Earth: Drawing Competition
    The Education Team of Krishna-valley Indian Cultural Center and Eco-Farm of Hungary has organized a national drawing competition for children.