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  • Ten-Year Australian Kulimela Reunion Scheduled for 2020

    The first Australian Kulimela, held from late December 2010 to early January 2011, was a major success, drawing around 300 kulis for seminars, devotional entertainment, kirtan, water sports and nature exploration. The same team has now scheduled a ten-year reunion event, which will run for five days from October 1st to 5th 2020.

  • Radhadesh Kulimela to Focus on Service and Honoring Prabhupada

    As ISKCON’s second and third generations progress in their lives and Krishna consciousness, their signature festival, Kulimela, is also growing and developing in new ways with every event.

  • International Vaishnavi Teenage Girls' Mela at Rajapur

    Devaki Dasi in conjunction with the Institute for Spiritual Culture organized an International Girls' Mela at the Jagannath Temple in Rajapur, just outside of Mayapur, at the end of February. The event was for girls between 13 and 20 years of age, coming from different parts of the world, many of them living permanently in Sri Dham Mayapur. Devaki conducted a seminar entitled "Fascinating Womanhood In Spiritual Culture".

  • Kulimela Blends Service, Fun, Family and Community

    The first Kulimela, held in New Vrindaban, West Virginia in 2006, was an effort by ISKCON’s second generation to move away from party-style gurukuli reunions and explore their identity and what they could accomplish both materially and spiritually. The 10th anniversary of that Mela, which also took place in New Vrindaban from June 15th to 19th this year, took those themes further and showed new levels of maturity and stability amongst the Kuli community, while still being full of joy and celebration.

  • Kuli Mela in New Vrindaban to Put Family and Community First

    The words “Kuli Mela” literally mean “celebrate community!” in Sanskrit. And the tenth anniversary of the very first Kuli Mela – coming back to New Vrindaban from June 15th to 19th --will do exactly that. 

  • KuliMela Comedy 2006 - Yadunath das

    Yadunath das's comedy act at Kulimela 2006 at New Vrndavan.

  • Gurukulis and ISKCON Management Explore Their Relationship

    At the Kuli Mela festival in Simhachalam, Germany, from August 7th to 11th this year, Gurukulis -- those born into ISKCON -- explored their relationship with ISKCON management at a special panel. Kuli Mela, a festival which has already been held in various locations around the US, Russia, Europe and Australasia, is intended as a forum for Gurukulis to share their talents and realizations as well as to be educated and inspired.

  • Second Generation to Share and Inspire at German Kuli Mela
    The festival, which has already been held in various locations around the US, Russia, Europe and Australasia is intended as a forum for “Kulis” to share their talents and realizations as well as to be educated and inspired.
  • New Zealand’s Kuli Mela Aims for Unity, Love and Devotion

    Kuli Mela has already hit the US, Europe, Russia and Australia. And now, the festival that aims to unite and inspire those who have grown up in the Hare Krishna movement is coming to New Zealand.

  • Australians Ignite Kulimela Fuse
    The recent Australian Kulimela was a great success. Attended by up to 300 devotees and well wishers from around Australia and across the world, many are still swooning over their memories of the association, the kirtan and the prasadam.  
  • KulimeLA 2009: Bhajan Kutir – Listen & Download Digital Recordings

    In anticipation of the upcoming Kulimela Australia festival, the KM09: Bhajan Kutir CDs - Volumes 1, 2 & 3 are now available for complimentary listening and downloading.

  • Countdown to Kulimela Australia

    Kulimela Australia will be drug and alcohol free and will be packed with productive seminars focusing on Health and Medicine, Business and Management, Spiritual and Community Development, and Arts and Entertainment.

  • G’day Mate: Welcome to Kulimela Down Under
    Kulimela—a meeting of ISKCON youth and second generation devotees that has taken off around the world—is coming to Australia. Starting December 27th, Kulimela Australia will be held at the Hare Krishna farm community of New Govardhana in northern New South Wales, on Australia’s east coast.
  • ISKCON’s 2nd Generation Go Green at French Mela
    This August, 350 “Kulis,” or members of ISKCON’s second generation, from France, England, Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium will converge on the rural community of New Mayapur two hours south of Paris, France.
  • Excitement Builds for Los Angeles Kuli Mela Festival

    The buzz is building for Los Angeles’ Kuli Mela festival, which will run from Wednesday July 29th until August 2nd this year. Kuli Mela is a series of festivals designed to reunite, inspire, educate and entertain alumni from ISKCON’s Gurukula schools, popularly known as “Kulis.” Since its inception in 2006, it has evolved into a sensation and revolutionized the way ISKCON youth socialize and plan their futures.

  • Second Generation's Prayer to be Globally Synchronized

    “Kulis” in over 20 locations around the world will be holding a synchronized 24-hour “Global Kirtan” this November 8 and 9. The Kuli Mela Association (KMA), which organizes Kuli Mela and spin-off events, as well as fostering community, family, spirituality, career and empowerment for ISKCON’s second generation, will be orchestrating the event. will host a live webcast from locations in Asia, Europe, USA, and the CIS.

  • Kuli Mela Reaches Siberia and Kazakhstan
    Kuli Mela, the festival to bond and inspire youth (Kulis) who have grown up in the Hare Krishna movement, truly showed its scope and adaptability this year when it reached Siberia. Held in Tomsk from July 3 – 7, the event attracted 250 young devotees from CIS countries that most westerners have never heard of, and probably couldn’t even pronounce, including Moscow, Ulan Ude, Almaty (Kazakhstan), Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk, and Krasnoyarsk.
  • The Kuli Mela Bug Spreads

    This year’s European Kuli Mela in Radhadesh, Belgium, was another storming success for the infectiously spreading ISKCON youth initiative.

    With 400 gurukulis (youth and adults grown up in ISKCON) attending from over twenty countries including Russia, India, America, and most of the European nations, the event was nothing short of a global phenomenon.

  • European "Kulis" Unite at Belgium's Radhadesh Castle

    There’s a certain electricity in the air this weekend at the historic Radhadesh castle in the Belgian countryside. 350 first and second generation ISKCON youth and alumni from ISKCON schools, commonly known as Gurukulis, have gathered for Kuli Mela 2008. And organizers say the numbers could swell to 500 before the weekend is up.

  • Dates and Location for Kulimela 2008 Officially Announced

    Europe's first Kulimela will be held at Radhadesh castle in the Belgian countryside from Thursday 31st July 2008 until Sunday 3rd August 2008. The event is expected to be the largest ever gathering of European second and third generation Gurukulis, and will include conferences, seminars, networking, feasting, theatre, music, dancing and sports.