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  • Krishna Pranadhika is 'Hare to Stay'
    As many of our readers are aware, every weekday free food is being served during lunch time on our campus. It rivals our much beloved Brunch Bowl, not just in terms of value for money, but also on taste. Not only is it a free meal, it's also very nutritious. The people responsible are the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), which runs two closely related programs, called Food for Life, and Food for All.
  • Deaf Tourists See Signs of Devotion at London Rathayatra
    When a large group of deaf tourists took a guided tour through Trafalgar Square this June 22nd, they never expected to not only chance upon an ancient Vedic festival, but be explained its meaning in detail. Intrigued by the colorful chariots and tents of London’s annual Rathayatra festival, they had come over only to take a look. Naturally, they didn’t expect anyone to be able to explain it to them.
  • Krishna Carnival Lights up London
    The streets of London are used to seeing juggernaughts rumbling through their streets, but this was a very different kind of heavy traffic. It was a riot of colour in the heart of the capital - three 40-foot-high wooden chariots pulled from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square, accompanied by a colourful crowd singing, chanting and dancing their way along the route.
  • London Ratha Yatra Emerges Unaffected After Police Negotiations

    Despite proposed changes and fees, London’s 41st Ratha Yatra (Chariot Festival) will be held this June 28 on the streets of the British capital without any modifications from previous years, after extensive negotiations with government and police. Police have offered their traffic management and security services free to the parade for the past forty years.

  • London Politician Praises Visit to Soho Street Temple
    During Mark Field MP’s visit to ISKCON Soho Street Temple, President Jai Nitai Dasa informed him: “We have had a vibrant, progressive and spiritually inspiring community here in the heart of London for over 40 years.” Accepting the invitation from the Hindu Forum of Britain, Mark Field visited the ISKCON London temple in June 2009.
  • Members of Different Faiths Team Up
    LONDON: Devotees of the Bhaktivedanta Hare Krishna Manor and the Watford Interfaith Association, together with members of Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue (NPLS), will tidy up Maxwell Park in Borehamwood on Sunday, November 15.
  • ISKCON Celebrated Forty Years in London
    This November, ISKCON devotees celebrated their 40th anniversary in London with a week of festivities from the 16th through the 22nd of the month.
  • Radha-Londonisvara’s 40th Anniversary Evening Melts Hearts
    ISKCON devotees celebrated the Society’s 40th anniversary in London this November, with a week of festivities from the 16th through the 22nd of the month.
  • European Ratha Yatra Festivals Update
    London Ratha-Yatra will be streamed live simultaneously on Mayapur TV and 20th of June 2010. The dates of European Ratha Yatra Festivals are announced.
  • New York and London Kick off Ratha Yatra Season
    The month of June brings with it summer, sun and vacations—but it also brings Ratha Yatra season, during which the ancient chariot festival is held dozens of times all over the world.
  • New East London Center Attracts Local Community

    Offering a whole host of weekly programs, activities and educational classes, the new ISKCON Center in Redbridge promises to be a spiritual haven for youth and for the rest of the local community.

  • Secret Sacred Street Art in London`s East End
    After recently discovering on Facebook a photo of a beautiful bas-relief sculpture of Jagannatha, I just had to find out more. It wasn't just the artistry that drew me in, but more than anything, the location of the piece - by a railway bridge on Brick Lane. Who is this mysterious street artist, Cityzenkane?
  • ISKCON Devotees Join UK Food Relief Program
    For many years Hare Krishna Food for All, the Kingscross, UK prasad distribution team, has worked together with a local Catholic church to benefit the homeless community. Four days a week ISKCON devotees deliver cake and biscuits to a church in Camden, North London for 300 people.
  • Harry: A New Vaishnava T-Shirt Design Collective
    Hare Krishnas are famous for getting noticed and making a statement. So why shouldn't our t-shirts do the same? Project manager Gopal Lila das speaks about Harry, a brand new team of t-shirt designers with ambitions to set new standards in Vaishnava contemporary clothing.
  • Chanting, Dancing & Feasting. London’s Ancient Festival of Chariots
    London’s 'Ratha-yatra’ Festival of Chariots returns to the streets of the capital on Sunday 12th June 2011. London will be illuminated by the wonderful colours and sounds of the annual Hare Krishna festival, a vibrant celebration of Indian culture and spirituality in the city.
  • New Bye-Law Could See End of Hare Krishna on London Campus
    A new bye-law being discussed by Westminster Council could see the end of the Hare Krishna delivering free food on University of London campuses. The proposals have met with strong resistance from different sections of society, including volunteers, church representatives, homelessness charities and rough sleepers.
  • Ratha Yatra: The Blockbuster is Coming to a Town Near You
    This summer’s biggest blockbuster is not a movie—it’s Ratha Yatra, The Festival of Chariots. And what does that mean? It means Lord Jagannath, the most merciful Lord of the Universe, is coming to a town near you very soon!
  • Padayatra ‘Walk for Peace’ Braves London Riots
    London’s burning. Literally. But ISKCON devotees headed by Food For All charity director Parasurama Dasa are hoping to calm the blaze with the cooling spray of God’s Holy Names.
  • Spiritual Counsellor System at ISKCON-London

    This is a short promo about the Spiritual Counsellor System at ISKCON-London.

  • Introducing the London Hare Krishna Temple
  • Krishna Devotees Participate at St. Patrick`s Day`s Parade in London

    For three years in a row, the Hare Krishna devotees from around London have been participating in the St. Patricks Day parade. Although it may not necessarily be a Vaishnava festival, it is a great opportunity to share the Holy Name with the thousands of people who participate or watch the parade.

  • St. Patrick`s Day`s Parade in London, March 18, 2012
  • Saturday Night Sankirtana Fire Still Burning Strong in London
    London is a city very well populated, and there is never a dull moment while chanting on the streets. Very rare is the day when ISKCON devotees are treated unfavourably, whether it is the police, students, local londoners, tourists, drunks or businessmen. Often the number of people joining in from the street exceeds the amount of devotees themselves.
  • London’s Ratha Yatra Echoes Olympic Spirit
    London’s 'Ratha-yatra’ Festival of Chariots returns to the streets of the British capital on Sunday 17th June 2012. The spirit of the Olympics–known for uniting nations will be echoed at this ancient festival. Festival-goers representing every continent of the world will come together to celebrate the spiritual unity that joins all nations.
  • British Devotees Attend Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Service
    Srutidharma das and Radha Mohan das represented Bhaktivedanta Manor and the wider Hindu community at the Service of Thanksgiving for the County of Hertfordshire to Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen.
  • Countdown
    Recently I was in Trafalgar Square. There were crowds of tourists taking holiday snaps by the Olympic Countdown Clock. As I saw the digits slowly decreasing, it made me think that maybe up there in the heavens is a similar clock which is counting down my life span.
  • The Photo of the Summer 2012: The London Ratha Yatra

    The ISKCON Rathayatra procession rolls down London’s Piccadilly street in June, 2012. Photography taken by Sanatan Howchin.

  • Providing Spiritual Support at the London Olympics
    London 2012 was revolutionary in many ways, even from a spiritual dimension. One of the unique features of the Olympic site was a multi-faith centre, strategically placed in the heart of the Athletes’ Village, offering easy and ready access to anyone who felt the need to seek spiritual guidance.
  • The Inauguration of "Kirtan London"
    A short presentation on Kirtan London’s vision and upcoming projects was followed by a talk by special guest, Radhanath Swami. He was introduced by actor and comedian Russell Brand, who had the audience in stitches as he described his conversion from skepticism to spiritual seeker after meeting Radhanath Swami several years ago.
  • ISKCON Chaplain Provides Spiritual Support at London Olympics
    ISKCON had a small yet significant presence at the London Olympic Games this year, with ten devotees from various UK temples serving as volunteers, and two playing important staff roles.
  • Business Executive Event in London with Radhanath Swami and Ambarisa Das
    Organized to mark the festival of Diwali, over 120 high net worth businessmen from diverse industries, along with UK Parliament members gathered to hear discourses on ‘the culture of wealth’ and explore financial lessons from the festival epic Ramayana at the ornate Grand Room in St James’s, London.
  • Kirtan London Makes Ancient Chant Accessible and Relevant
    On February 16th, two days after Valentine’s Day, between fifty and one-hundred-and-fifty Londoners will gather to celebrate the loving holiday in a unique way. Entitled “Love Your Soul,” the event will be held in Covent Garden’s beautiful Swiss Church, a sacred space built in the 1850s.
  • ISKCON Opens Charity Shop in London

    On the 31st May 2013, singer and song writer Pete Doherty visited Matchless Gifts, to open ISKCON’s first Charity Shop in London. The shop sells clothes, gifts and other items that people don't want anymore and donate to the shop.

  • The Hobo Adventurer Discovers the Hare Krishnas
    "Of all faiths, this seems like one of the most joyous. And with the world being the way it is today, who doesn't need a little more joy in their lives?"
  • Teaching the Teachers at ISKCON London

    Devotees at ISKCON London are taking the opportunity to teach the Krishna conscious principles of Bhakti yoga to as many teachers as possible, so that they may in turn pass them on to their students. Since some religious education is compulsory for all students in the UK up to the age of sixteen, devotees began by training teachers at Westminster in how to teach “Hinduism” to their students.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Memories - The Definitive History

    Early memories about the Bhaktivedanta Manor.

  • Thousands Flock to Hindu festival at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Aldenham

    The festival was made possible by a team of 1,200 volunteers, the oldest of whom is 94.

  • A Glimpse of Srila Prabhupada in the UK

    A Glimpse of Srila Prabhupada in the UK is not to be missed. It was created for the Srila Prabhupada's Vyasa Puja 2013. It features lectures, kirtans, video, bhajans of Srila Prabhupada in the UK.

  • Jude – Champion of the Cows

    Jude Ackland, just 8 years old set his mind on a challenge never even dreamed of by children his age. He cycled 62 miles from Oxford to London for the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation, promoting cruelty-free milk production. Oxford was initially known as “Oxenaforda” meaning “Ford of the Oxen”; it began with the foundation of an oxen crossing around 900 AD.

  • London's New "Living Wall"

    A 21 meter high living wall containing 10,000 plants and 16 tons of soil will help reduce flooding in London, according to its designer.

  • Kirtan London Celebrates First Anniversary

    Kirtan London celebrated its first anniversary earlier this month on Saturday October 5th, drawing two hundred people for a special 6 Hour Kirtan from 3pm to 9pm. The organization, which is run by ISKCON devotees from Soho St. and Bhaktivedanta Manor, aims to make kirtan -- the ancient system of call and response prayer -- accessible to all.

  • Book Distributor Connects with Fortunate People

    Shaktyavesha Avatara Das, a London-based book distributor originally from Moscow, has devised a new way of following up with people he gives ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada’s books to on the street. His project, “Fortunate People,” uses modern technology and social networking through Facebook, one of the most popular websites in the world with over 1 billion users.

  • A Pre-Marathon Address from Russia

    A video by Shkatyavesha Avatara dasa.

  • My Sweet Lord: A Video for Radha Londonishvara's 42nd Anniversary

    Film for the 42nd Anniversary of the installation of Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha-Londonisvara. Released in November 2011.

  • Spiritual New Year’s Eve Party Takes Over London

    “On New Year's Eve central London becomes one big party,” says organizer Parasuram Das, who serves prasadam meals to one thousand needy people daily as director of the Food For All charity. “Millions of people take to the streets, and no cars are allowed. The ground is set for the biggest Harinam ever.”

  • Govinda Jaya Jaya - Jahnavi Harrison with Kirtan London

    Mantra Music at one of the biggest London-wide university talent showcases of 2013. Jahnavi Harrison with Tulasi and Nama Rasa Sutaria, Ananda Monet, Namamali Harrison, Jagannatha Suta, and Colin Campbell - filmed by Rajesh Hirani.

  • Russian Bhakti Vriksha in London Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

    Around ninety Russian-speaking devotees attended the 3rd anniversary celebrations of London’s Russian Bhakti Vriksha program on Saturday February 15th. The event was held at Covent Garden’s Swiss Church, a beautiful sacred space built in the 1850s that has become home to many Vaishnava gatherings.

  • “Save the Temple” Campaign Celebrated in British Parliament

    Thousands sat on the road outside Parliament 20 years ago protesting about the closure of one of the most famous Temples outside of India. However 20 years later a celebration in Parliament recognised how it was possible for the Hindu, Jain and Sikhs communities to come together behind ISKCON and show what can be achieved with one voice.

  • Kirtan Shakti Album to Support Underprivileged Girls in Vrindavana

    The proceeds from a unique new kirtan album, “Kirtan Shakti,” will all go towards educating underprivileged young women at the Sandipani Muni girls’ school in Vrindavana, India -- Lord Krishna’s birthplace.

  • Celebrating Diversity With An Enchanting Evening of Music at Bhaktivedanta Manor

    On Saturday 31 May, the George Harrison Memorial Garden at Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK was brought to life with the enchanting melodies of his music, as a local community choir performed a special concert in celebration of their tenth anniversary.

  • London's Most Famous Landmarks Awash With Sound an Color for the 46th Ratha Yatra Festival

    On Sunday 15 June, London's most famous landmarks were brought to life in a dazzling display of sound, music and colour, as thousands of devotees came to the streets of London's West End to celebrate the 46th annual Rathayatra festival. Three chariots began their journey in Hyde Park and were pulled by hand to greet a huge gathering of devotees, visitors and tourists in the city's iconic Trafalgar Square. 

  • The London Harinama Song

    Sound- Dwarkadhish Das, Melody - George Formby, Lyrics - Mahamantra Das, Idea, vocal and ukulele - Parshuram Das, Video - DJ Achintya.

  • Food For All UK

    Written and Produced by Michael J Martin & Gareth Wakeham. Directed by Michael J Martin. Produced by Alfie Ambrose.

  • Closet Krishna: ISKCON London's Charity Shop
  • Long Lost - Trailer

    'Long Lost' explores the anxieties, the hope, the questions that arise within us all including, 'what is love? - as in, REAL love?' This film is attempts to encourage others to also delve deep within. Watch Long Lost and share Tim's ordinary night out and the extraordinary (re) connection. Directed by Shaktyavesa Avatara Das. 

  • Spiritual Short “Long Lost” Hits the Film Festival Circuit

     “Long Lost,” a new 25-minute short film about a young man encountering Krishna consciousness as he searches for answers in life, is being well-received at film festivals and other events internationally. In August at the Russian film festival “I See God,” which features different film-makers’ interpretations of how they perceive the Almighty, Long Lost was chosen for third place out of 65 shorts by the audience themselves.

  • New Album from Mandali

    You can take kirtan anywhere, and listen any time of day. There are no rules... Mandali is a London based kirtan band. A video by BRR Films.

  • Children as Young as Four Months Learn Bhagavatam in London Group

    A group of mothers based at Bhaktivedanta Manor near London are teaching their children the ancient scripture Srimad-Bhagavatam – from as young as four months old. “We began to develop a framework,” Sucirani says. “Then, when my son Madhav was just six months old, we thought, ‘Why wait until they can understand?"

  • We Wish You a Merry Krishna

    This Christmas, Soho creative agency Mr.President have collaborated with the Radha Krishna Temple to produce a Christmas album like no other: ‘We Wish You a Merry Krishna’.

  • New Meditation App Targeting the Heart

    ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Manor has just made a meditation app available on iTunes and Playstore. It has been designed for an unfamiliar audience and features Sandipani Muni, Ghanashyam Priya and Jahnavi. It's an honest and free app. After beginning with guided generic meditations it introduces our unique contribution in the section named heart. 

  • Long Lost

    'Long Lost' explores the anxieties, the hope, the questions that arise within us all including, 'what is love? - as in, REAL love?' This film is attempts to encourage others to also delve deep within. Watch Long Lost and share Tim's ordinary night out and the extraordinary (re) connection. A film by Shaktyavesa Avatara Das.

  • 'Inevitable Time' - Trailer

    Radha Krishna Records presents an enthralling journey into the epic Mahabharata. Dramatic contemporary music combined with meaningful ancient Sanskrit lyrics.

  • Sequel Planned to Award-Winning Short “Long Lost”

    Writer-director Shaktyavesha Avatar Das is planning a sequel to his award-winning short film, “Long Lost.” The original 25-minute short, which tells the story of a young London man searching for answers in life and discovering Krishna consciousness, came in at third place in Russian film festival “I See God.” 

  • Soul-ution

    The morning hours are the most conducive for spiritual practice since the mind can peacefully flow toward the spiritual goal. However, just as early morning road works slowed down my car, mental agitation can similarly inhibit the strength of one’s spiritual connection.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor - Sanctuary for the Soul

    In the Hertfordshire countryside just north of London, Bhaktivedanta Manor, complete with its farmlands, beautiful gardens and temple is a real sanctuary for the soul. Open all year round to visitors and students of ancient wisdom, the temple offers a great experience with tours of the shrine, gardens and compassionate farm. 

  • 'Inevitable Time' by Ananda Monet Featuring Samadhi Dance Company

    Inevitable Time album is available at as well as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, CD Baby etc. More information about the album, pictures and other lyrics at

  • Invitation & Volunteering Opportunities for Ratha Yatra in London
  • London Ratha Yatra: June 14th, 2015

    On the auspicious occasion of ISKCON London’s Rathayatra festival, the team at both the Bhaktivedanta Manor and Radha Krishna Temple’s would like to invite everyone to join in the festivities this Sunday, June 14th, 2015.

  • Radha Krishna Records Presents Krishna Culture to the Public at Camden Centre Show

    ISKCON devotee-run company Radha-Krishna Records made Krishna consciousness accessible to a wider audience with its professionally-produced “Contemporary Krishna Culture Showcase” at the Camden Centre in Central London on May 28th. Around 400 people poured in to see the show, which ran from 7:00 to 10:00pm with an intermission at 8:30.

  • London Flooded with Devotion: Ratha Yatra - Festival of Chariots

    The Daily Telegraph newspaper, one of the top papers in London, covered the event the day after; putting a ½ page photo of the famous dressed up sister couple of Radha-Krishna for its audience of more than 500,000 people. The MP of Hendon Matthew Offord was in attendance, arriving back from Paris just before, but making it in time for viewing Lords on Their cart at Trafalgar Square.

  • Prabhupada in London in 1973 - A Rare Video

    The video also contain a part when Prabhupada meets George Harrison.

  • Jahnavi Harrison: Like a River to the Sea

    Credits for album trailer: Video production by Sasha Cherkasov. Music by Jahnavi Harrison. Come Chant with Us!

  • Jahnavi Harrison’s First Album Takes Us On an Introspective Journey

    We’re in a golden age of kirtan albums. The offerings are diverse: In May, Ananda Monet’s Inevitable Time told us the story of the Mahabharat in theatrical, epic style; and Madi’s Bhakti Without Borders stuck in our heads with its catchy pop sensibilities.  Now, Jahnavi Harrison’s Like A River to the Sea (July 24th, Mantralogy) takes us on a journey.

  • 'Like A River' by Jahnavi Harrison - Music Video

    Like a River is the title track from the debut album of Jahnavi Harrison, 'Like a River to the Sea', released on July 24th 2015. 
    The track features a refrain from the Govinda Damodara Stotram by medieval saint-poet, Srila Bilvamangala Thakur and is a meditation on protecting sacred environments internally and externally. 

    Written, composed and arranged by Jahnavi Harrison and Gauravani Buchwald.

  • Invitation to ISKCON50 Events in London in August and September 2015

    On Thursday 13th August, ISKCON-London officially launched their year-and-a-half long celebrations across 2015 and 2016 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of ISKCON by holding a festival to mark 50 years since Srila Prabhupada departed from India to the US aboard the Jaladuta.

  • Food For All UK

    Written and Produced by Michael J Martin & Gareth Wakeham, Directed by Michael J Martin. Produced by Alfie Ambrose

  • Being in the Moment - Bhakti Rasamrita Swami | Veda London

    In today’s fast paced world, where the use of technology is outweighing the quality of our interactions, it is easy to be physically in one place and mentally in another. Being present in every moment and every action empowers us with clarity of thought, enhances our creativity, and maximises our performance.

  • Temple of the Vedic Planetarium United Kingdom Tour

    ISKCON's flagship project the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium's International team will be touring the UK ‪from the 18th to the 30th‬ of November 2015. Jananivasa Das, Ambarisa Das and other senior devotees are touring the world sharing the opportunity to support this signature building of ISKCON. 


  • Meet Me At "Govindas"

    A unique way of inviting people to take part at the London Harinamas by Parasuram Das and Co.

  • Avanti – A Growing Family of Schools

    The work of Avanti Schools Trust began in 2005 with the objective of establishing the first state-funded Hindu faith school in the UK. This pioneering project came to fruition in 2008 with the opening of Krishna Avanti Primary School in Harrow. Since then, this landmark school has deservedly benefited from national and international recognition as it journeys from strength to strength.

  • London Devotees Lift People's Spirit on Halloween Night

    ISKCON deevotees in London have been going out to do public harinamas every day for decades. The biggest party has traditionally been the Saturday night harinamas. The procession starts in front of the Govinda's Restaurant, then goes around in the theater and party district and the famous Chinatown. On Halloween night, Saturday, October 31st, devotees gave the public something to really lift their spirits!

  • UK Devotees Meet With Prime Ministers Cameron and Modi

    ISKCON devotees in the United Kingdom recently got the chance to meet with both British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On November 10th, for the third year in a row, Bhaktivedanta Manor temple president Srutidharma Das was invited to chant prayers at an official Diwali function at Number 10 Downing Street.

  • ISKCON 50 Plans Ramp Up in the UK, Worldwide

    In the UK, an avalanche of major, inspirational events for ISKCON’s 50th anniversary are being planned throughout the year 2016.

  • Fighting Ignorance Through Friendship

    November 2015 will be a month remembered in worry and fear for Muslims all over Europe, after the Paris attacks, yet again marked the tensions their religious community faces in Europe and the rest of the world. Just a week before the attacks, from Oct. 26 – Nov 2nd, youth from all over Europe were building a network of peace and connection at the Religions for Peace Interfaith Youth Conference, in San Gandolfo Italy. 

  • 46 Years of Service to Celebrate: ISKCON in the UK is Here to Stay

    Special guests of the evening, held in a large hall in central London, were three of the six pioneers of ISKCON in the UK: Gurudas das, Malati devi dasi, and Syamasundarda who spoke a little about the past of ISKCON, a little about the present, and most poignantly, to make a plea for commitment to the youth towards the future of the movement.

  • Street Spirituality

    Standing on street corners, speaking to random people, and showing them spiritual books, amongst whatever else I do in life, this simple and sublime activity is what I relish most. 

  • New Photos Released: ISKCON Leaders Meet Indian PM Modi and UK PM David Cameron

    Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple's President Srutidharma Das, Managing Director Gauri Das and Head of Communications Vinay Tanna were amongst the few leaders selected to meet the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accompanied by UK Prime Minister David Cameron, during his recent visit to the UK. 

  • Life Beyond Borders - Highlights | Veda London

    Veda London and EY Hindu Network presents Life Beyond Borders.

  • Who are these Hare Krishna anyway?

    A short video by "Fortunate People" about people appreciating London harinama.

  • Draupadi - Born of Fire by Ananda Monet & Vraja Sundari Keilman feat. Jahnavi Harrison
  • Devotees Chant, Serve Prasad at UK Anti-Nuclear Rally

    Around fifteen ISKCON devotees brought the sound of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra and the taste of sanctified vegetarian food to a huge anti-nuclear march in London on February 27thThousands of campaigners gathered from all over the world to protest the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons program. The money, they said, should be spent on education and the National Health Service instead.

  • ISKCON50 UK Padayatra: A Pilgrimage for Peace

    The  UK Padayatra starting on May 30th, will be emphasising the theme of cow protection, self-sufficiency, a simple way of life in tune with nature and the will of the Lord, and love for all living entities. The planned route is from Hastings to Brighton via Eastbourne which is a sum total of under 40 miles which will be walked by us over a period of 5 days which averages out at 8 miles a day. 

  • London Mayor Breaks Ramadan Fast With Faith Leaders Shows Hope Amid Post-Brexit Racism

    A win for tolerance!

  • UK to Herald Incorporation Day with Packed Week of Events

    Bhaktivedanta Manor has planned a packed week of events from 13th to 17th July to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ISKCON’s incorporation.  The events start on the actual day of incorporation on 13th July with a ‘Day of Gratitude’ that will see 5000 cupcakes being distributed to commuters at key locations in central London to say 'thank you'. This will be followed by a special ceremony of offerings to Srila Prabhupada in the form of poems and prayers, and an exquisite lunch for disciples of Srila Prabhupada.

  • Srila Prabhupada Drama by "Something Spiritual"

    On the eve of Saturday 2nd July in the outskirts of London, a cast and crew of 65 young people who are part of an upcoming performing arts group known as "Something Spiritual", came together to put on a spectacular production depicting the life and struggles of Srila Prabhupada. It was a night that captured hearts, moved people to tears and transformed the lives of many.

  • Special Month of Activities at ISKCON-London to Celebrate 50th

    On a joint initiative themed “Day of Gratitude”ISKCON-London and the Bhaktivedanta Manor distributeed 5,000 cupcakes to commuters at key locations in central London on July 13th.The grand finale of the month-long celebration will be the Kirtan on the Thames Boat Event on 31st July. This National Signature Event will be a day of chanting, dancing and feasting on a cruise around the famous landmarks of London. 

  • BBC: Hare Krishna - 50th Anniversary Celebrations in London

    For fifty years, the Hare Krishnas have been a part of life on Oxford Street. Today the organisation marked its half centenary doing what it's known for. Putting on a colourful spectacle in the heart of London - and sharing food. Jo McDermott from the BBC reports. See comments on the video on BBC's FB page:

  • London Celebrates ISKCON 50

    ISKCON of Soho St, London and Bhaktivedanta Manor have been setting the standard and celebrating ISKCON 50 in style this July – the month when in 1966 Srila Prabhupada incorporated his society. On Saturday July 2nd, performing arts group “Something Spiritual” put on “Departing for the West,” a spectacular production depicting the life and struggles of Srila Prabhupada with a cast and crew of sixty-five young people at Harrow Arts Centre.

  • Jagannath Brings in a Splash of Spiritual Culture to London on ISKCON 50th

    Lord Jagannath, Lady Subhadra and Lord Baladev were carried in three beautifully decorated chariots. In celebration of ISKCON’s 50th anniversary the chariots also carried the “ISKCON 50” logo.

  • London Mayor Congratulates ISKCON on Turning 50

    The meeting was part of the special outreach initiative to express gratitude to the city of London in which 5000 cupcakes were distributed in key locations in London during morning rush hour to say, “Thank You London!”.

  • ISKCON Devotees Attend Diwali at Number 10 Downing Street

    Srutidharma das was invited to the Diwali function at Number 10 Downing Street, the residence of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May MP. Along with the Prime Minister and other dignitaries such as the Indian High Commissioner Mr Dinesh Patnail, Srutidharma das lit the ceremonial lamp before being invited to say a few words and lead the Diwali prayers.

  • ISKCON 50th Celebrated at House of Lords with Bhakti Charu Swami

    On the sacred day of Govardhan Puja, Bhaktivedanta Manor hosted a gathering at London’s House of Lords at the Palace of Westminster to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of ISKCON. The House of Lords is the upper house of the UK Parliament and was built to advise the Crown Imperial since 1295. With the kind permission of the Lord Speaker, the event was hosted in the Principal State Room.

  • ISKCON’s 50th and ISKCON-London’s 47th Anniversary Celebrated at a Signature Event

    ISKCON-London celebrated the 47th Anniversary of the installation of Sri Sri Radha-Londonisvara on Sunday, 27th November. This special 50th Anniversary year of ISKCON, themed “The Joy of Devotion”, has been filled with many joyous celebrations both in London and worldwide. This particular event was one of the signature events this year, and was held at a big theatre-style venue in central London.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Bans Tallow Note, Sparks Debate

    Bhaktivedanta Manor, the largest ISKCON temple in the UK, has stopped accepting a new five pound note that contains traces of tallow, made with animal fat like mutton and beef. Many devotees support the move. Many others, however – while agreeing with the principle that there should not be meat fat in currency we all have to use – have issues with the practicality and even the philosophical grounding in actually banning it.

  • ISKCON UK Starts 2017 on an Inspirational Note with the UK Film Premiere of “The Joy of Devotion”

    On Thursday 5th January 2017, ISKCON London and Bhaktivedanta Manor, co-hosted the UK film premiere of The Joy of Devotion at the Camden Centre in central London to a large and enthusiastic turnout of approximately 300 leaders, community members and those who have recently taken an interest in the ISKCON movement, as well as those who participated in the film.

  • Atma Lounge - An Eastern Oasis Opens in Folkestone, UK

    In the sleepy seaside town of Folkestone, known for its tourism and harbour trade, is a little oasis for spiritual awakening right on the old High Street called: Atma Lounge. The official opening was on the 20th of January with the attendance Damian Collins and the landlord and Former Mayor of Folkestone Philip Carter, Leader of Shepway Council David Monk as well as other dignitaries and guests. The event included: a tour of the property, a presentation and introduction to the philosophy and organization the center is run by.

  • Pleasing Krishna Is Icing on the Cake for Devotee Baker

    With mouth-watering flavors and gorgeously artistic and realistic scenes, Anuradha Dasi’s cakes – made for devotee life events and festivals at Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK – are astonishing, and have to be seen to be believed. Anuradha started learning her craft by helping out temple devotees when she joined the ashram at ISKCON’s Bhaktivedanta Manor, near London, in 1988. After getting married, she assisted her husband, Manor head pujari Gadadhara Das, who remains her baking partner.

  • Ananda Monet - Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya (Official Music Video)
  • Causal Causes Causalty

    The message runs through loud and clear – a casual approach will inevitably cause casualties. We’ve witnessed it in catastrophes of the past, we’re witnessing it now and if we look closely, we’ll witness this principle constantly playing out in our own life.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor Memories - The Definitive History

    A video by the Bhaktivedanta Manor.

  • UK Padayatra Receives Blessings from Dean of Canterbury Cathedral

    The walk began from Canterbury Cathedral - the mother of all pilgrimage sites in the UK. The devotees were blessed by the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral for a safe journey, providing an auspicious start to the festival of peace. The opening ceremony was also attended by Cathedral officials, local dignitaries, members of the Canterbury interfaith group.

  • Project Update: Beautifying Krishna's Temple in Central London
  • Barefoot Kirtan In London's Hyde Park -- 2017 Highlights

    6 Hour Kirtan at Hyde Park on the 30th July 2017. A video by Filmwork Studios.

  • Journey to Krishna - Janmashtami 2017

    A short inspirational video by Pandava Sena Alumni to get into the deeper mood to surrender to Krishna and get closer to him.

  • Social Media: ISKCON UK Annual Communications Conference with Avelo Roy

    A few years back a brand expert was asked about ISKCON UK’s presence on social media. His response was simple and to the point: ‘the good news is that you are not scary anymore, you are just confusing’. Though temples and devotees do have a solid presence on social media, the big question remains, how effective is that presence?

  • Second Annual London Mellows Weekend a Resounding Success

    A line-up of accomplished devotional practitioners led an ongoing sequence of kirtan sessions, offering a wholly absorbing and resonant spiritual adventure to all those who were fortunate enough to take part in this well-received event.

  • Bhaktivedanta Players Move Thousands of Hearts Over 40 Years

    Originally starting out under the name “CIT (Caitanya’s Instant Theater)” in the early 1970s, the group became known as the Bhaktivedanta Players in 1976. Devotees were inspired to focus on the service when Srila Prabhupada told Mukunda Goswami that England, with its rich culture of theater, could be culturally “conquered” through drama.

  • A Day of Blessings in Celebration of 48 Glorious Years of Sri Sri Radha-Londonisvara

    On Sunday 26th November, ISKCON-London celebrated Sri Sri Radha-Londonisvara’s 48th anniversary at Camden Centre, in Central London. Over 500 guests participated in the program.

  • Devotees to Feed 3,000 London Refugees, Homeless and Students Daily

    Charity organization Food For All, run by Parasurama Das and other ISKCON devotees, is set to move out of its previous home at Bhaktivedanta Manor and into two purpose-built kitchens in London. The move will see Food For All triple its prasadam distribution.

  • ISKCON-London’s Food for Life Initiative Honored by the Queen of England

    Food for Life in London, an initiative from London’s Radha-Krishna Temple, has been feeding hot meals to the homeless for over 20 years, and in 2017 expanded its usual Monday to Thursday offering to include Fridays and Saturdays. Its incredible efforts were officially recognised in December 2017 when the chief organiser of the London-based service, Acyuta Charan dasa (Asish Soni), was honoured with a British Empire Medal (BEM) for voluntary and charitable services to homeless people.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor School On the Lookout for New Head Teacher

    For the past thirty-five years, the Bhaktivedanta Manor School in England has given children a loving Krishna conscious education, earning its moniker “The Small School With a Big Heart.” A year ago, the school moved into its own dedicated building. And now, with committed longtime head teacher Guru Charana Padma Dasi set to retire, it’s looking for a new principal to oversee its exciting next phase.

  • An Audience with the Queen at Buckingham Palace

    On Wednesday 15 February, Sruti Dharma das, Temple President of Bhaktivedanta Manor (UK), joined 1,000 dignitaries from across the British Commonwealth at Buckingham Palace. 

  • Epic ISKCON 50 London Mellows Album In Production

    The Radha Krishna Temple at ISKCON of Soho Street, London inaugurated London Mellows, an annual 24-hour kirtan weekend, in 2016 as an offering to Srila Prabhupada on ISKCON’s 50th anniversary.

  • Social Media Made Easy

    He’s a multimillionaire, an entrepreneur, a master at business start-ups, a social media genius and a devotee. And on Saturday 20th May, Ajita Das shared his skills and experience with devotees, teaching them how to use social media to spread Krishna Consciousness even more.

  • 50th ISKCON London Ratha Yatra Festival

    In the early months of 1969, before they had managed to establish a temple, Shymasundara das had carved the beautiful deities of Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra. And so it was, in July that year, five months before the Radha Krishna Temple was opened in Bury Place, the first London Rathayatra proceeded from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square.

  • New Restaurant “OmNom” Aims to Popularize Authentic Bhakti-Yoga

    The catchily-named new restaurant “OmNom,” set to open in Islington, London in January 2019, aims to promote conscious eating, kirtan as meditation, and authentic bhakti-yoga.

  • Radha Krishna Records to Celebrate Ten Years of Quality Devotional Music

    Radha Krishna Records – quite possibly the only record label owned by a temple – is nearing its tenth anniversary, which will be celebrated in July 2019 during the 50thanniversary of Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara at the Radha Krishna Temple in London.

  • An Enchanting Sharad Purnima Festival Leaves Devotees Mesmerized in London

     On the evening of 24thOctober, devotees from across London gathered at the Radha-Krishna Temple in Central London to celebrate Sharad Purnima, the beautiful full moon night of the autumn season.

  • ISKCON-London Puts on a Spectacular Production in Celebration of their 49th Anniversary

    The devotees of ISKCON-London are known for their special yearly anniversary event festivities and this year was no exception with what can only be described as a spiritually uplifting theatre production that left the audience at the edge of their seats - entertained throughout.

  • ISKCON UK to Celebrate Its 50thAnniversary With Packed Month of Events

    In 2016, ISKCON centers all around the world celebrated the 50thanniversary of the society’s incorporation on July 13th, 1966 by Founder-Acharya Srila Prabhupada. Now, ISKCON UK is set to celebrate the 50thanniversary of its own incorporation, a story which has itself long been ISKCON legend.

  • New York Times Style Magazine Features Devotees Chanting

    The New York Times Style Magazine’s first digital cover story, published on February 14th,  features Hare Krishna devotees from ISKCON’s Radha-Krishna Temple chanting on the streets of London.

  • 50 Years of Hare Krishna in the UK: Feature Article in the Latest Edition of Back to Godhead Magazine

    In 1944, on the auspicious appearance day of his spiritual master, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, Srila Prabhupada started the English magazine, Back to Godhead. 

  • ISKCON-London To Reach out to New Audiences With Ambitious 50th Anniversary Events

    "The opening of the Radha-Krishna Temple was a historic occasion for the bhakti-yoga tradition – a long-standing order of the previous spiritual teachers had been fulfilled.”

  • Mantra Lounge Volume 3 to Feature Jahnavi Harrison and Ananda Monet

    ISKCON-London’s Radha-Krishna Temple is celebrating the 50th installation anniversary of its presiding Deities Sri Sri Radha-Londonisvara this year with a series of events and creative projects.

  • Multi Award-Winning Govinda’s London Celebrates 40th Anniversary

    As ISKCON UK anniversaries come thick and fast, Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian Restaurant in London is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, snapping up a steady flow of awards and celebrity endorsements and changing more than a few lives along the way.

  • ISKCON-London Organizes First International Community Retreat to India

    The first ever ISKCON-London India Retreat was organised by Champakalata Priya devi dasi and Bhaktin Aartee who led around 12 devotees on this beautiful journey in March 2019. 

  • A Legacy Begins: New Commemorative Photo Book Launched to Mark ISKCON UK’s 50th Anniversary

    Titled A Legacy Begins, the beautifully presented photo book features rare, original photos from Gurudas’ personal archive documenting the years 1968 – 1973, from when the seven pioneers first arrived in London, iconic pictures of the devotees meeting The Beatles.

  • Yoga Magazine Publishes Ten-Page Feature on Srila Prabhupada’s Life and Legacy

    Yoga Magazine says it is “the number one yoga, health and fitness brand in the UK and USA.” The publication is aimed at upscale cosmopolitan women aged between 25 and 45, who desire to improve their health and wellbeing.

  • Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK, Announces New President

    During the interview process, leaders were asked to express what it is that they look for in a temple president. Consistently, their responses were, ‘Someone to care personally for the devotees ... a spiritual presence ... a person who keeps us aligned to His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada’.