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  • Introducing “Ahimsa Balancing”

    As an aspiring devotee of Krishna, I face a moral problem: I am pro-dairy but anti-cruelty and anti-slaughter, and I know that the dairy industry and the slaughter industry are partners in cruelty and killing.

  • Bengal Milk Sweets

    When Lord Krishna played on this Earth as a child, He lived in a community of cowherds in the region known as Vraja, in northern India. He was in charge of the young calves and took them out each morning to the pasturing grounds.

  • Hare Krishna Milk Featured in World's Best Coffee Adventure

    A lifelong coffee lover opted for milk from a herd of cows Bhaktivedanta Manor after travelling 13,000 miles in search of ingredients for the perfect cup. Read more:

  • The Desi Cow – Almost Extinct

    India is the world’s largest producer of milk. But in 10 years, we will be forced to start importing it. And the Indian cow will no longer exist.

  • More Helpful Fatty Acids Found in Organic Milk

    Whole milk from organic dairies contains far more of some of the fatty acids that contribute to a healthy heart than conventional milk, scientists are reporting.

  • European Leaders Discuss Milk: To Drink or Not to Drink?

    At the annual European Leaders’ Meetings from October 5th to 6th this autumn, ISKCON leaders from all over Europe had a fascinating discussion on a very current and often controversial topic: whether or not to drink milk.

  • 70% of Milk in Delhi, Country Is Adulterated
    Beware, your daily glass of good health could actually be doing you harm. As much as 70% of milk samples picked up from Delhi by a government agency failed to conform to standards.
  • Why is this "Unsafe" Food Banned When It's 35,000 Times Safer Than Others?
    As you're probably aware of by now, there's a war being waged against raw milk. It's nothing less than an unconstitutional assault on one of your most basic rights, i.e. your right to choose what you want to eat and drink.
  • Mad Milk for a Mad World
    You already know that the processed milk sold in shops remarkably differs from the cow's original gift of love. Now clever scientists want to distort the miracle food even more. They do this by cloning cows—altering them by inserting human genes into their DNA.
  • Dublin Govinda’s Apply for Continued Use of Raw Milk
    Dublin’s three branches of Govinda’s vegetarian restaurants are negotiating to be allowed continued use of raw milk directly from a farm, after receiving prohibition orders from Irish government agencies on April 21st.
  • Raw-Milk Advocates Rally for Access to Their Drink

    A "Raw Milk Drink-In" was organized by members of the Massachusetts Raw Milk Network to protest the state’s proposal to limit the activities of raw-milk buying clubs.

  • Raw Milk: Panacea or Poison?

    Rick and Julie Vreeland opened Freedom Hill Farm last year as a place for kids, but quickly found themselves fielding an unexpected request: The people who came wanted to buy raw milk.

    In August 2007 the Vreelands began selling raw milk. In that first month they sold 13 gallons of it; last month, they sold more than a thousand.