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  • Transcendental Throwback: ISKCON Memories Part 1

    In our Trancendental Throwback, a spin on "Throwback Thursday," devotees from around the world submit a photo from earlier in their devotional life to ISKCON News. Along with it, they share their memories of the moment shown in the photo and what it means to them. The result? A fun and inspirational look back at ISKCON of decades past.

  • Photographer Shares His Experience of Lockdown at Krishna Balaram Mandir

    With the streets outside so quiet, devotees have started to hear birds singing sweetly again, parrots landing on the lower branches of the trees, and peacocks calling.

  • A Legacy Begins: New Commemorative Photo Book Launched to Mark ISKCON UK’s 50th Anniversary

    Titled A Legacy Begins, the beautifully presented photo book features rare, original photos from Gurudas’ personal archive documenting the years 1968 – 1973, from when the seven pioneers first arrived in London, iconic pictures of the devotees meeting The Beatles.

  • Appreciating New Vrindaban-Dhama, Her Beauty and Glory, Message and Grace - Photobook by Varsana Swami

    Nestled in the wooded hilltops of the Appalachian Foothills, New Vrindaban is a favorite destination for thousands of pilgrims every year. Varsana Swami’s new photo book is an invitation to realize and enter its deeper, magical dimensions of Sri Dhama.

  • Life, Death & What’s In-between

    "I am Yours now, so please, take me / where you will, teach me about / eternity and other things of / consequence..."

  • New Book Release: ‘Bhaktivedanta Manor With Photography’

    “Photographing at Bhaktivedanta Manor was an extraordinary experience for me in many ways”, explained Sally. “There was always a lot going on and I was accepted by the community right from the very beginning.

  • “Joy of Devotion” Article Writing and Photography Contests

    To mark the magnanimous occasion of Sri Krishna Janamashtami ISKCON Punjabi Bagh temple is organizing an article-writing and a photography contest. The purpose of these contests is to share the “Joy of Devotion” by writing about or visually capturing a personal or a communal experience related to the spiritual bliss generated by bhakti.

  • A Day At the Kitchen in ISKCON Mayapur, India

    In our latest photo-journalism piece blogger Manoj, an Indian living in Australia, shares a highlight of his recent trip to ISKCON’s headquarters in holy Mayapur, India. There, he caught a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how the hard-working temple cooks prepare food for thousands of devotees.

  • A New Short Film on the "Journey with the Bhagavad-gita"

    Visakha Dasi has just released a new short video A Bumpy Journey Toward Harmony with the Bhagavad-gita. It is a 24-minute DVD with music, sound effects, provocative wisdom and over 250 stunning photographs.

  • Photographic Bhagavad-gita Wins Independent Publishing Award
    Bhagavad-gita: A Photographic Essay, written by Srila Prabhupada disciple Visakha Dasi, and published by Torchlight, has won a bronze medal at this year’s Independent Publisher Book Awards.
  • Devotees Strike a Pose in Boston Museum Exhibit
    Michael Bühler-Rose, aka Brahma Muhurta Dasa, is one of five artists being featured in the “SMFA Traveling Scholars” exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts until May 31.
  • Photographing the Exotic: Brahma Muhurta Dasa
    The Western eye, and often heart, has always been drawn to the exotic. For artist and photographer Brahma Muhurta Dasa, the pull was stronger than for most. Born Michael Buhler-Rose, he began reading about different philosophies at fourteen, an age when most of his peers were more interested in videogames and girls. When a neighbor of his lent him first Barbara Stoler Miller’s translation of the Bhagavad-gita, and then ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada’s, he was deeply affected by the ancient text.