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Articles tagged as Poem

  • You Changed the Way We Think

    A poem to Srila Prabhupada on his 125th birthday

  • Poem: Last Night The Grim Reaper Came For Me

    “You should remember that you may die today—or tomorrow, or before you turn 66, or in twenty years. / It matters not, if you live the life of the soul."

  • A New Year is Here – Are We Here?

    A hard, hard year has just ended / Yet many normal things remain suspended / Leaving us with problems far greater than we’d conceived / Exposing our existence to be frailer than we’d believed

  • Poetry: Fall Birds

    "Calling Krishna together as we head home / Making others stop in wonder at our joy"

  • O Mother Radhe

    "O Mother Radhe / You are so sweet and strong.. / In most amazing and caring ways / Your compassion makes me feel I belong…"

  • Poem: Three Names

    "the boy asked wryly / 'Where can I put my foot now? / There isn't anywhere left to go somehow?'"

  • Poem: The Amazing Acharya

    Srila Prabhupada introduced us all to the path of bhakti yoga and the sublime benefits of chanting the holy names of Krishna in the form of the maha-mantra. With great humility, never taking undue personal credit for his accomplishments, Srila Prabhupada once expressed, “My only credit is that I have strictly followed the order of my guru.”

  • Poem: In My Heart You Will Stay

    "The boat of your lotus feet / Will get me across the ocean of life some day. / No matter come what may / In my heart you will stay...."

  • Poem: Do You Feel Okay My Friend?

    With the rising and setting of sun / Time slowly slipping away / The touch of cool water as if speaking / Do you feel okay my friend?

  • Searching for Solace

    A beautiful poem in glorification of Bhakti Charu Swami.

  • Color - A Poem

    "I look in the mirror /  And I see this body / With this color / That I am supposed / To give up identifying with / But somehow, / I can’t seem to see / Beyond the brown."

  • Poem: Look Within, O Mind!

    "Your merry rides have been thwarted, / Your house has been fenced, / Amazing you are, O mind, / You still don’t wish to be cleansed..."

  • Love Note on Mother Nature

    " At my best of times, at my worst of times / I have always turned to and received the comfort and reassurance / of Mother Nature."

  • Time I Am

    "Why do I have to die? Why do I have to suffer? / But wait it will not. That minute is gone now and  / then another and another takes its place." 

  • Like an Uprooted Tree

    A poem by Ananda Vrindavan Dasi. 

  • Wake Up To Death

    Unless you turn prudent and wise / You are in for a nasty surprise / In a world of birth, old age,disease and death / No one could ever escape their wrath.

  • School of Love

    A poem based on chapter "​Transforming Lust into Love” from the book The Spiritual Warrior by Bhakti Tirtha Swami.