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The Prostitute
By Bhaktimarga Swami   |  Apr 02, 2022

In the city of Videha lived a very beautiful woman
Whose profession involved a regular change of linen
For almost every day there was a new man
No long-term relationships ever began
Attention to makeup, hairstyle, attractive dress
Were all externals that spelled much success
Her routine was to stand in front of her home
From there she could see every male on the roam
This was the method that earned her costly keep
Opinions on her lifestyle ranged from respect to cheap
It was a practice so intrinsic in her life
So men saw her as lover and not as wife
An unusual and extraordinary day had come
That frankly bewildered this society lady some
She stood waiting in her suggestive pose
But takers were nil, causing a yawn and a dose
Time passed by–minute to minute, hour to hour
And not a single client arrived at her ‘ivory tower’
It was astonishing because business was good
Was there some message here to be understood?
What if finances were to gradually come to a halt
Due to eventual aging or any other natural fault?
What if the career was to suddenly come to an end?
“Would I ever have a real endearing steady friend?”
It was a chilling and frightening thought
Again, was there a lesson here to be taught?
Deeper and deeper she fell into contemplation
Up to the point where it became revelation
Her occupation had limits with pleasures of the flesh
Mundane relationships are often a terrible mess
The lustre of customer comfort was starting to wane
She pondered leaving her job and not visiting it again
Some people have succeeded in finding full delight
In the form of God, the Supreme Male, actual Mr. Right
It became apparent that such a love is of a different nature
Decision made, she became an even more beautiful creature

(Based on the story of Pingala from the ancient text Srimad Bhagavatam)

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