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Articles tagged as Shelter

  • Poem: The Dark Light

    "Can it be a good thing, this darkness? / A kind of light that shows me things / I like to hide from in broad daylight"

  • Giriraj‚Äôs Radical Love

    Krishna took on giant form and ate all the offerings – and called for more. Feeling a little anxious, the farmers brought whatever else they could. More, he called. More! And once we have given everything, and God asks for yet more, then what happens? Are we left broken and alone, with nothing?

  • Influential Krishnacore Band Shelter Reunite for U.S. and European Shows

    ISKCON leaders probably didn’t expect some of their biggest preachers to be playing earsplitting hardcore punk music, doing high kicks and hurling themselves offstage into a crowd of wild teenagers. But in the 1990s, Shelter inspired countless young people to take on a sattvic lifestyle and even join the Hare Krishna Movement.

  • Krishna Can Bring Good Out Of Everything - Even Our Mistakes

    Sometimes when we commit mistakes, we may become embarrassed, irritated or enraged with ourselves. If we become excessively disturbed, that often becomes a second mistake.

  • Reflections on Titanic Disasters

    The Life article points out that man has always been fascinated by disasters. Why? I’d say it’s because we know that a disaster may strike any of us at any moment. Although in recent years a whole field of risk management has developed to counteract risks and dangers, still the only shelter is the Lord’s lotus feet.