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  • Chief Justice of India Seeks Blessings of Sri Sri Radha Govinda at Tirupati

    The Honorable Chief Justice of India, Shri NV Ramana visits ISKCON Tirupati

  • ISKCON Hosts First Vaishnava-Christian Dialogue in India

    Twenty men and women of the Christian and Vaishnava traditions met for more than two days of interfaith dialogue in the historic temple town of Tirupati, in Andra Pradesh, India, earlier this month. The event, convened by the ISKCON Communications Ministry, was the first formal Vaishnava-Christian Dialogue ever held in India.  

  • Representatives of the Global Village Initiative Committee Meet in Tirupati

    Representatives of the Global Village Initiative Committee (GVIC) from three continents (Asia, Europe and North America) met at the ISKCON Tirupati temple along with members of various global committees from October 14th to 18th to share insights and prepare strategies to further the purpose of the initiative committee.

  • ISKCON GBC Meetings Conclude With Inspiring Reports

    ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission (GBC) concluded its annual midterm meeting with a daylong plenary session October 19th in Tirupati, India. The plenary session which had in attendance the GBC members along with Ministers and other guests saw several encouraging reports from different parts of the world detailing the growth and development in outreach efforts of ISKCON.

  • ISKCON’s Governing Body Meetings Continue in Tirupati

    The local ISKCON temple, Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir, a picturesque project shaped in the form a temple on top of a lotus is the host for this year’s meetings. More than seventy ISKCON devotees from different parts of the world were greeted upon arrival with flower garlands and rapturous kirtan by the resident devotees. The GBC Strategic Planning Network (SPN) meetings continue upto October 18th.

  • GBC Organizational Development Meetings Continue in Tirupati

    The arrival of devotees from around the world - among them senior devotees like Niranjana Swami, Radhanath Swami and Malati devi dasi has added to the already spiritually sweet, enlivening atmosphere of ISKCON Tirupati. ISKCON News readers able to read the highlights of initiatives adopted through these meetings over the next few days.

  • GBC Organizational Development Meetings in Tirupati - Day 1

    ISKCON has seen considerable global expansion since its birth in 1966. To ensure that as ISKCON grows, its organizational systems and process remain relevant to a growing ISKCON, the Organizational Development Committee  was established and mandated to thoroughly review ISKCON’s current leadership model.

  • Book Distribution Leaders’ Conference in Tirupati

    BBT India organized a two-day seminar fon Jan 31st and Feb 1st 2014 on the topic of ‘Merits of Organized Book Distribution’ at ISKCON Tirupati, India. This was a pioneering attempt to get book distributors in India more organized. Around 80 devotees participated at the seminar.

  • Merits of Organized Book Distribution

    The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT) India  invites ISKCON devotees to participate in a 2-day seminar on the “Merits of Organized Book Distribution.” It is scheduled to take place on Jan 31,2014 and Feb 1, 2014 at ISKCON Tirupati. It is being conducted under the expert guidance of Vaisesika Dasa Adhikari.

  • "All India" ISKCON Communications Conference at Tirupati

    After a series of successful communication conferences in the Northern, Western and Eastern parts of India, ISKCON Communications conducted its annual "All India conference", at one of the prominent temples in South India, at Sri Radha Govinda temple, Tirupathi.

  • ISKCON Governing Body Commission Mid-year Meetings in Tirupati, India

    The 2012 Governing Body Commission and Strategic Planning midterm meetings for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) were held from October 21–26 in Tirupati, India. The GBC mid-year meeting reports and podcasts are now available on the GBC website.

  • Devotees on a Mission in Tirupati

    ISKCON members representing 40 western countries arrived at the Lotus Temple (Radha Govinda Mandir) in Tirupati recently as part their spiritual sojourn along with one of the ISKCON's international heads Jayapataka Swami.

  • Tech Conversion: India's Richest Shrine Goes Green

    Between 50-100,000 people visit this temple every day. This puts enormous pressure on water, electricity and other energy resources. Now the temple is using its religious influence and economic might to change the way energy is used here.

  • ISKCON Entrusted With Two Laddu Counters in Tirumala

    Two of the laddu counters in the Laddu Prasadam Complex beside the Srivari temple on Tirumala were formally entrusted to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

  • Minister Offers US$8.8m Crown at Tirupati Temple

    TIRUPATI: Karnataka tourism minister and Bellary mine baron Gali Janardhan Reddy will probably be better known for something else: with an offering of a diamond-studded crown worth US$8.8 million crore, he became the biggest donor to Lord Venkateswara at Tirupati since the Vijayanagara kings 400 years ago.

  • Hindus Rally Against Government Control of Temples

    The Public Forum at Tirupati was an event wherein as many as 10,000 Indians turned up to show their opposition to the government control of Hindu temples. This was organized by the Hindu Devalaya Parirakshana Samiti and supported by the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation of the USA. And I was, practically, the only westerner to participate.

  • The Temple that Books Built