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  • ISKCON Philadelphia Welcomes Srimati Vrinda-devi

    Sunday, November 21, join us in welcoming Srimati Vrinda-devi as well as Srimati Tulsi-devi into her new room.  When Srimati Vrinda Devi entered into the material world she manifested herself as the sacred Tulsi plant.  Being very dear to Lord Krishna, her leaves are an essential part of Krishna's worship.  She is extremely merciful and, by serving her, our devotional service to Krishna will grow.  In the spiritual world, Srimati Vrinda-devi organizes all the arrangements for Radha and Krishna's pastimes.

  • Vrinda Sheth Talks About The Final Book of Her Ramayana Trilogy Focusing on Sita’s Perspective

    Destroyer of Sorrow, the epic conclusion to Vrinda Sheth’s Sita’s Fire trilogy based on the Ramayana, is set to be released by Mandala Publishing on April 20th. Hardbound and 336 pages long, the book features over ninety illustrations by Vrinda’s mother Anna Johansson (Annapurna Dasi) and is the culmination of a decade of work on the trilogy by the mother and daughter team. 

  • By Her Grace: A Visit to Vrinda Kunda

    Vrinda Kund is the eternal abode of Vrindadevi, Krsna’s Lila potency. Early every morning she, Purnamasi and Nandimukhi meet at this kund to arrange Radha and Krsna’s pastimes. By Her grace, we were fortunate to spend the day there with our parikrama party to hear and chant her glories and beg for her divine mercy.  A video by Ananta Vrindavan.

  • Books by Radhanath Swami and Vrinda Sheth Win Independent Publishing Awards

    Two ISKCON authors have won in their categories at the Independent Book Publishers Benjamin Franklin Awards this year, which received nearly 1,400 entries published during the 2016 calendar year. Over 150 librarians, booksellers, and design and editorial experts judged the books submitted.  Radhanath Swami’s “The Journey Within: Exploring the Path of Bhakti, A Contemporary Guide to Yoga’s Ancient Wisdom” won the gold medal in the Body, Mind & Spirit category.