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Teacher Snips Off Student’s Sikha, Angers Vaishnavas
By   |  Sep 13, 2007

KRISHNAGORE: When Class IX student Kailash Sardar failed to provide a definition of the Earth, it was a pair of scissors that his teacher drew out in response.

Saikat Guchhait, the teacher, snapped Kailash’s crest and proceeded to hang it on the blackboard to the humiliation of the student, a member of the Vaishnava sect. The incident has sent the sect up in arms.

On Tuesday, about 1,000 monks blocked the national highway at Dhubulia in protest against the incident last week. Kailash is the son of Ram Chandra Sardar, who is associated with Iskcon. Kailash is also an Iskcon disciple, said Iskcon spokesman Ramesh Dash.

A complaint was lodged with the school authorities following the incident. The teacher was asked to apologise to the parents of the student.

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