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The TOVP Presents: 2004 Pancha-Tattva Installation Documentary
By Sunanda Das, Temple of the Vedic Planetarium   |  Mar 19, 2022

For Gaura Purnima, 2022 the TOVP Communications Department is pleased to present to the worldwide ISKCON community the original documentary video of the installation of the Pancha Tattva in 2004.

Produced by the Veda Foundation under the direction of His Holiness Bhakti Charu Maharaja, this video documents the arrival and installation of Pancha Tattva in the Caitanya Chandrodaya Mandir in great detail. The event is as powerful and inspiring to watch now as it was in 2004, and we hope all devotees will enjoy the transcendental mood of devotion and love expressed in this presentation.

We also humbly request devotees to consider Gaura Purnima time as an opportunity to support the ongoing construction of the TOVP, the new home of the Pancha Tattva. There is a two-year marathon now to open the TOVP in 2024 and we request your help to win this final lap of the race to relocate our beloved Mayapur Deities to Their new home.

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