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This Heaven for Cows Is Run by Muslims
By Shoeb Khan   |  Mar 22, 2016

Jaipur: No sooner does the Zohar Nawaz (afternoon prayers) gets over at a mosque in the central bazaar at Jodhpur, trim bearded educationist Haji Mohammad Atique dressed in a white kurta, pyjama and a skull cap rushed to the outskirts of the city in his SUV. He spends the next hour feeding cows at the Adarsh Muslim Goshala (cow shelter) on Bikaner Road. 

The cow shelter is the region’s biggest and is operated by the Muslim Educational and Welfare Society of Jodhpur. Over 200 cows, most of them old and sick, are taken care off here by a team of veterinarian doctors. Rendering a strong message of peace and harmony since the last eight years, the goshala is run in complete anonymity. Mohammad Atique, general secretary of the society, says that taking care of cow is like take care of mothers and is a part of the shared culture of Hindustan.

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