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TOVP Announces a Unique Sponsorship Opportunity: The 31 Dresses Campaign
By Sunanda Das   |  Mar 19, 2024

A unique sponsorship opportunity is now available for devotees: The 31 Dresses Campaign – sponsor all the Deity dresses for one day during the 3-month long TOVP Grand Opening Festival, scheduled for early 2026. This includes Sri Sri Radha Madhava, Sri Pancha Tattva, Sri Nrsimhadeva and the fifteen new sampradaya acharya murtis. A new set of outfits will be offered every third day of the festival allowing for only 31 sponsorships.

The 2026 Marathon is full-steam ahead. The Pujari Floor is completed and being prepared for the relocation of our beloved Mayapur ISKCON Deities. Now we want to have Their new dresses made as an offering to Them in Their new home to enhance our loving service to Their lotus feet.

This wonderful seva opportunity is available for individual or group sponsors or temples. Already several ISKCON temples such as Los Angeles, Houston, Vrindaban, Mumbai, Chowpatty, Tirupati and Hyderabad and several individuals have committed to this service. An individual or group can pay us the cost of the dress design and making ($25,000 by October 2025), or a temple can arrange for the design, making and payment themselves and provide the outfits no later than October, 2025.

If you are eager to offer direct service to Radha Madhava, Pancha Tattva, Nrsimhadeva and our acharyas and personally welcome Them to the TOVP, go to the TOVP 31 Dresses Campaign page TODAY before these sponsorships run out.

 Watch the video with Braja Vilasa Das here.

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