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TOVP Celebrates The 37th Anniversary of Lord Nrsimhadeva’s Arrival in Sridham Mayapur
By Sunanda Das   |  Jul 20, 2023

This year, in anticipation of the opening of the completed Nrsimhadeva Wing in October, we are happy to celebrate the 37th Anniversary of Lord Nrsimhadeva’s arrival in Sridham Mayapur from July 28-30, 2023.  In July 1986, the Deities of Prahlad-Nrsimhadeava were completed in Chennai, India, and installed in Sridham Mayapur during a three-day celebration from July 28-30. This year commemorates the 37th Anniversary of that historic occasion.

The history leading to that event is extraordinary and full of miracles, as is the history leading to the completion of Lord Nrsimhadeva’s new home in the TOVP, about to be opened in October this year. It will be the largest and most opulent Nrsimhadeva Temple in the world!

The narration of the story of Lord Nrsimhadeva’s making and arrival is now available in a free online flipbook: Lord Nrsimhadeva Comes to Mayapur.

A dramatic play of the story is also available to view HERE.

We request ISKCON News readers to reciprocate with Lord Nrsimhadeva’s constant love and protection by helping to complete His new home. Go to the Give To Nrsimha 2023 Fundraiser page on the TOVP website and select from several wonderful seva opportunities or use the TOVP Give To Nrsimha Online Pledge Card and make your pledge today and pay later.

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