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Tuition Sponsorship for US Devotees at Bhaktivedanta College-Radhadesh
By Badrinarayan Das   |  Jul 22, 2010

The North American GBC (NA GBC) is looking for future leaders, intelligent and devotionally-inclined young men and women who would like serve Lord Chaitanya’s sankirtan movement by making a career of full time service in ISKCON USA America. The NA GBC wants to provide training in the devotional arts and academic studies as well as management skills to help assure that the future management of ISKCON USA is on a premier level, primed for growth and quality.

To help fulfill this aim, the North American GBC is offering a two-year scholarship to Bhaktivedanta College in Radhadesa, Belgium. The NA GBC will pay 90% of the tuition (approximately $5,000 per year / $15,000 for three years). Tuition includes room and board. The student receiving this grant will be required to pay the remaining 10% of the tuition fees as well as airfare to and from Belgium, passport fees, and his or her personal living expenses. If the student does well, there is every likelihood that the scholarship will be extend to the following year or two to finish the course of study at Bhaktivedanta College – Radhadesh.

After completing the school courses at Radhadesh, the student / graduate will then have the opportunity to serve in various ISKCON temples in the USA for six months, with senior devotee experts mentoring the student. This period will provide hands-on training in management, festival coordination, congregational development, finances and accounts, etc. to both develop the skills learned at Bhaktivedanta College and to also give the candidate the opportunity to sample the various leadership roles available in ISKCON USA. The aim is to find out which of these service areas the candidate likes the most and excels in.

After this six month period, the candidate must promise to then serve for two years in a temple in the USA to further the above training and service experience. The design of this scholarship grant is similar in structure to government programs that pay a student’s college tuition in exchange for a period of service to the nation after graduation. The GBC hopes that the candidate will find the experience rewarding and will thus be inspired to continue to serve in a management / leadership role in ISKCON USA even after the two-years required service.

Conditions for receiving this grant

1. Must agree to stay for the full course (3 years) at Bhaktivedanta College.

2. The scholarship grant is for 90% of the tuition. The student receiving this grant will take personal responsibility for 10% of the school fees as well as airfare to and from Belgium, passport fees, and his or her personal living expenses.

3. Must promise to complete the four to six month mentorship program and then to serve as a volunteer for two more years serving in an ISKCON USA management position. That service position will be determined by mutual agreement between the candidate and the NA GBC.

4. Must be a US citizen or a green card holder, fluent in English, and with no serious health conditions.

5. Must be between 19 and 28 years old.

6. Strong daily sadhana.

7. Initiated or performing sadhana to the standard of one who is aspiring for initiation.

8. High school degree (or gurukula education equivalent) with a 3.5 or better grade point average. Having some time in college or having graduated with a degree is an additional positive credential.

9. At least three letters of recommendation along with contact information from ISKCON leaders, managers, and/or senior devotees in good standing.

Candidates must fill out the following questionnaire

1. Age

2. Gender

3. Name / legal and initiated (if applicable)

4. Date of birth

5. Place of birth

6. Citizenship

7. 1st initiation? If so, by whom?

8. 2nd initiation? If so, by whom?

9. Parents’ names

10. Temple communities you have lived at (dates)

11. Level of education completed (if college, what is the name of the college)

12. Where are you living now?

13. What are you doing now? (work, school, serving in a temple)

14. Did you attend any ISKCON schools? If so, where and when? Ashram or day school?

Essay Question

Between 500 and 1,000 words

“Why do you want to participate in this program? Why do you want to go to Bhaktivedanta College and then serve in the ISKCON mentorship program?”

Contact Information

For questions or to submit your application and essay, please contact:

Damodara Priya dd: and Badrinarayan dasa:

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