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Udupi celebrates Krishna Janmashtami
By   |  Aug 30, 2008

Udupi/Mangalore, August 24, 2008: On Saturday night midnight Udupi illustrated why it was a special town, especially for Krishna’s pooja. The entire city had been decorated pompously for the event. The road leading to the Car street from all four sides were decorated while the Car street itself was dazzling with lights and religious spirit was the hallmark of the night.

The main even which the Arghya Pradhana that happened at the stroke of midnight. It was a rare convergence of cosmic events on this day the Krishna Paksha, Rohini Nakshatra and Ashtmi Thithi which was in fact the exact conditions which prevailed during the birth of Krishna in Dwapara Yuga.

The deity of Krishna was bathed in milk and water before it was given a full range of alankara which is called pooranalkara which comprises of five types of flowers, Tulsi and Bilwa. The Paryaya Swamiji HH Sugunendra Thirta started his Arghya Pradhana at 11.35 when the Rohini Nakshtra came into prominence. This was the time when the chanting of mantras by the vedic scholars reached its crescendo. Various Mantras that announced the birth of Krishna the saviour of Dharma were chanted. It is said when the Vasudeva Krishna’s Father carried the infant Krishna from Mathura to Dwaraka the night was the darkest as it felicitated Vasudeva to escape from the spies and soldiers of Kamsa. It is said in Uttara Pradesh in Mathura where Krishna was born even now on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami such weather conditions prevail.

Delivering the Krishna Janmashtami message the swamiji HH Sugunendra Thirtha said to understand Krishna it was important to understand his philosophy. His life on this earth was a message to the generations to come. Every-time when the earth faces growth of Adharma Krishna will come to the world in his earthly embodiment and save Dharma.

On this occasion the swamiji of Bheemankatte Math Raghumanya Thirta was also present. Swamiji of Shiroor Math HH Lakshmivara Thirtha helped the swamiji in performing the pooja. On this occasion at least 2.5 lakh people visited the Krishna temple and had the darshan of the lord Krishna in his full glory. The Krishna’s deity was decorated with the Vajra Kavacha Diamond armour on this occasion.

Later at a function few well known personalities were honoured which included MLA K. Raghupathy Bhat, Film Actor Doddanna, Nagaraj Adiga, Sudhir Shetty of Mumbai and Jayakrishna Shetty Praveen Godkhindi the well known Flute Artiste presented a concert.

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