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UK Leader Steps Down After Decision on Excessive Punishment
By Bhaktivedanta Manor Board of Council Members   |  Jul 16, 2008

Yesterday, on 13th July 2008, Gauri Dasa stepped down from his position as Temple President of Bhaktivedanta Manor [UK] after a decision by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness Central Office of Child Protection [CPO].

The decision found Gauri Dasa responsible for “inappropriate and excessive corporal punishment” whilst a teacher at an ISKCON affiliated school in India during the 1990’s. The decision means that Gauri Dasa will not be able to take any position of management in ISKCON for three years, although, he can continue to serve at the Temple.

While the decision finds Gauri Dasa responsible for excessive corporal punishment, it also goes on to give him credit for “many positive accomplishments” while he was at the school. The Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple also recognizes and appreciates the dedicated service given by Gauri Dasa during his six-year tenure as Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple President from 2002 to 2008.

We regret that Gauri Dasa will not be able to continue as an officer of our temple, but we also recognize the important need of the CPO to acknowledge problems in the care of children in the past, and to address those issues.

We are pleased that Gauri Dasa has indicated that he would like to meet with the former students in the hope of further reconciliation.

Board of Council Members
Bhaktivedanta Manor