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UK PM Congratulates Bhaktivedanta Manor on its 50th Anniversary During Diwali Celebration
By Radha Mohan Das, Communications Officer for Bhaktivedanta Manor   |  Nov 10, 2023

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata pictured with Avanti School children chanting mantras at Diwali celebration.

British Prime Minister Mr Rishi Sunak celebrated Diwali in his home at 10 Downing Street, along with his wife Akshata and dozens of invited guests. ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Manor’s temple president Visakha Dasi attended the event along with Sachi-Kishore Das and Krishna Sanjay Das, members of the Manor’s communication team.

Visakha Dasi at the iconic door to the UK Prime Minister’s home for Diwali celebration.

Just before he entered the packed room where guests had assembled, Mr. Sunak greeted temple leaders and, seeing Visakha Dasi, said, “So this is your fiftieth anniversary at Bhaktivedanta Manor. Congratulations!”

Then he and his wife entered the room with guests and listened attentively as students from Avanti School in unison recited the Sanskrit prayer “Om ajnana timirandasya…” as well as its English translation.

As the Prime Minister started his talk to the assembled guests, he thanked the Avanti students and everyone present for coming before saying, “Bhaktivedanta Manor is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, and Visakha Dasi is with us tonight.” The crowd clapped in appreciation. Continuing his short talk, he remembered that just one year before, he’d also observed Diwali at Number 10 very soon after becoming Prime Minister. He expressed gratitude for all the services the guests accomplish for the public throughout the UK and beyond.

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