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Washington D.C. Chants for Change
By ISKCON News Weekly Staff   |  Jan 03, 2009

As Barack Obama begins his first term this January, the world is hoping for change.

But on January 19, the night before the inauguration, a group of kirtan singers will bless the event with what they believe is the real solution to all problems, political and otherwise – the holy names of Krishna.

Chant 4 Change: Inaugural Kirtan Festival will be held at Church of the Holy City, within sight of the White House and the Washington Monument from 7pm to 11pm. Sacred activist Shiva Rea will be leading proceedings, along with world-renowned kirtan/chant artists Jai Uttal, Dave Stringer, and Gaura Vani and As Kindred Spirits.

“We will lift our hearts and voices to empower ourselves, our new leaders, our city, our country and our world in this revolutionary gathering of sacred sound and movement,” reads the event’s official facebook page.

Spokesperson Jay Clark adds, “An elevated sense of community and interconnectedness has been largely absent on the national and political level. This event is hopefully another sign – a spiritual sign – that it is back.”

Space for the event is limited. Tickets can be purchased at