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Why Another News Site?
By Kaunteya Dasa   |  Sep 03, 2007

I would like to know who is the intended audience of this site. What is its focus or style? 

– Kaunteya Dasa
ISKCON Congregational Development
Mayapura, West Bengal, India


In the broadest, we write for an intelligent person who knows little about Vaisnavism, but has an interest to learn. More specifically our audiences are:

(1) Seekers. Two kinds:

 (a) Hindus: The most letters we get from are from Indian people wanting to know more. Of course, this may just mean that this is the audience most likely to write to us. 

(b) A broader group of spiritual seekers.

(2) Devotees. Looking for news and opinion, but also looking for mature ways to express news and opinion. Again, two broad groups. 

(a) “Established” devotees 
(b) New devotees, enthusiastically searching for everything ISKCON on the web.

The following are the “non-spiritual” visitors to our site (academics, media etc.) For many will be their first port of call. If, with no prior knowledge of the subject, you’re researching XYZ, then a logical starting point is

The sorts of reasons they come to our site:

(a) To gauge our suitability as partners in dialogue
(b) As part of their research
(c) General curiosity

(3) Media
(4) Governments and Anticult
(5) Academia. From primary school upwards
(6) Other religionists


We want to represent ISKCON and related topics in a thoughtful, introspective, honest manner to all our audiences. We aim to represent our strengths and our weaknesses with humility.

We try to respect our visitors intelligence and we respect the topics and people we discuss.

Informative, honest but respectful, professional.