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Why Does God Let us Suffer?
By Krishna Dharma Dasa   |  Nov 01, 2008

This question has probably caused more people to lose their faith than anything else. Why does God sit peacefully in his cloud or wherever, feet up and smoking his pipe, while we suffer all kinds of grim miseries down here on earth? The best answers we can usually manage are:

a) He can’t do anything about it,

b) He is mean and nasty, or

c) He is not there at all.

Obviously these three conclusions mean our faith is gone or as good as gone. So are there any other answers? In my short book “Why Me?”, I explore this question. Mainly based upon the Bhagavad-gita, I try to find an answer that leaves us believing in a good and indeed almighty God (who doesn’t smoke a pipe:). I also look at a number of other traditions and secular philosophies to see what they have to say on the matter.

I hope it stimulates some thought.

Please click this link to download the book : Why Me

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