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Wisdom of the Sages: Bhakti in Ukraine – An Interview with Niranjana Swami
By Wisdom of the Sages   |  Mar 05, 2022

About this Episode:

It may be news to many, but there is a large-scale, vibrant community of Krishna Bhakti in Ukraine. Niranjana Swami is ISKCON’s Governing Body Commissioner for Ukraine, and in this interview, Raghunath and Kaustubha ask him about the history of Bhakti in the former Soviet Union, and what it was like serving there undercover during Soviet times. Niranjana Swami also shares his personal experiences of witnessing the character of the Ukrainian devotees serving under the pressures of military conflict and updates us on what is happening on the ground right now.


About Wisdom of the Sages:

Raghunath and Kaustubha’s connection goes back to their teens in the New York Hardcore Punk scene of the early 80s, through serving together as Bhakti-yogi monks in the 90’s, to sharing their experiences in the world of yoga in the 21st century.