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Youth Take Charge of Long Kirtans in Brazil
By Naveen Krsna Das and Radha-Krsna Dasi   |  Aug 21, 2010

Every now and then the question arises: “where are the youths of ISKCON?”. During mangal arotiks or Srimad Bhagavatam classes is not easy to find Vaishnavas from the second or third generations. Nevertheless, as soon as the kirtan starts, groups of teenager devotees gather to listen, dance, play mrdanga and even to lead the chant. 

In the upcoming 36 hour kirtan in Brazil, which will take place in Nova Gokula, São Paulo from September 4th to 6th, the living force of the sankirtana movement will be undoubtedly witnessed, especially regarding to the dedication to kirtan that young devotees possess. According to Vaikuntha Murti Das, deputy secretary for ISKCON Brazil`s Youth Department, this is what has happened before in the previous 24h kirtan festivals in Nova Gokula.

“Today, the leading living examples of kirtan spirit are the young people born into Vaishnava families. We can be nothing but proud of the brilliant artistic career of Gauravani, Amala Kirtan, Acyuta Gopi, the Mayapuris and many others who conquered thousands of hearts throughout the world”, states Vaikuntha Murti. 

He adds: “young Brazilian Vaishnavas, too, are making similar radical change in human society, using the empowerment that Srila Prabhupada injected into their hearts.”

For the first time, Mayapur TV ( will broadcast the Brazilian 36 hour kirtan festival live. The chanting will start at 9 am (Brazilian time) on Sunday the 4th of September, and will continue without interruption until Monday 9 pm.

There will be an extensive parallel program that includes classes by Chandramukha Swami, Bhakti Dhira Damodara Swami, Amala Kirtana Das and Uttama Bhakta Das, there will be a japa workshop and a special festival for children called the Kid Jago.

The first night of the 36 hours kirtan will be dedicated to the memory of Aindra Das.

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