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A Light-Hearted Top-Ten Guide to Keeping Your Shoes During Kartik
By Atma Tattva Das, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Nov 04, 2023

Stepping into an ISKCON center during Kartik, where vibrant celebrations and spiritual experiences await, one might encounter an unexpected challenge—keeping hold of your shoes. The lively and crowded ambiance of these festivals often leads to unintentional shoe separations. Here’s a lighthearted guide to help you navigate the festivity without losing your beloved footwear.

1. The “Shoe Pile-Up” Scenario: In the excitement of joining a kirtan, you might hastily remove your shoes and add them to the growing mound at the entrance. To avoid confusion, try marking your shoes uniquely. Tie colorful ribbons, use distinct stickers, or choose distinctive shoe clips to stand out in the sea of footwear.

2. The “Dancing Away Your Shoes” Scenario (similar shoes, similar sizes): As you sway to the enchanting beats of the kirtan in an outside courtyard, your shoes might get swapped with someone else’s matching pair due to size and style resemblances. Ensure your shoes fit snugly by tying them securely, or opt for shoes with ankle straps to prevent accidental slip-offs while grooving. Additionally, consider placing a distinguishing mark or accessory on your shoes to easily differentiate them from others of the same style, reducing the chance of accidental exchanges amidst lively dance celebrations.

3. The “Rapid Shoe Relocation” Scenario: Amidst the hustle and bustle, a quick move from one area to another might leave your shoes behind. Consider designating a friend as a ‘shoe buddy’ to watch over each other’s footwear. It’s a fun way to ensure both pairs stay put while exploring the festival.

4. The “Playful Misplacement” Scenario: Children or mischievous festival-goers might unintentionally swap or hide shoes as a playful act. Stay vigilant and place your shoes in a more noticeable location, or invest in shoe lockers if available, ensuring a lighthearted festival doesn’t turn into an extended shoe hunt.

5. The “Unexpected Rainfall” Scenario: Weather surprises can lead to muddy grounds, causing shoe inconveniences. Bring an extra pair of shoes or opt for waterproof footwear to ensure your main pair stays clean and secure.

6. The “Long Meditation Session” Scenario: During serene meditation or spiritual talks, you might unintentionally forget where you left your shoes. Choose a spot close to the designated shoe area or entrance, making it easier to locate your footwear once the session concludes.

7. The “Late Night Revelry” Scenario: After a night of joyous celebration, tiredness might lead to absent-mindedness, resulting in leaving your shoes behind. Consider setting a reminder on your phone or attaching a small bell or charm to your shoes to catch your attention before leaving.

Now, for the whimsically imaginative possibilities:

8. The “Alien Abduction” Far Out Scenario: Imagine a scenario where your shoes mysteriously vanish, only to be found later atop a distant hill or on a temple rooftop, allegedly taken by mischievous shoe-loving aliens. While highly unlikely, it’s a fun way to imagine the inexplicable!

9. The “Shoe Transmutation” Far Out Scenario: In a world where shoes transform into birds and flutter away, only to return as shoes by the end of the festival. It is an entertaining and fanciful idea, reminding us to keep an eye on our belongings amidst the festival’s charm.

10. The “Time Warp” Far Out Scenario: Picture a temporal glitch where shoes momentarily shift to a different time, appearing back at your doorstep just as you start to worry. Although a playful thought, it adds a touch of whimsy to the idea of misplaced shoes.

In many cultures, the removal of shoes signifies respect when entering sacred spaces. At an ISKCON center during Kartik, following this tradition is customary. Shoes are usually left at the entrance to maintain cleanliness and spiritual sanctity. Being mindful of this cultural aspect not only prevents shoe loss but also honors the significance of the space.

Losing shoes at an ISKCON center can be an amusing yet avoidable experience with a touch of awareness and preparation. By embracing these scenarios and adopting preventive measures, you can revel in a festival’s spiritual richness without worrying about your beloved footwear embarking on their own adventure.

Remember, amidst the music, dance, and spiritual enlightenment, keeping an eye on your shoes is just another part of the delightful journey through the ISKCON Kartik festival!

What are YOUR tips or tricks for leaving the Temple with YOUR shoes?

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