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Mar 06, 2008
Shiva: The Auspicious One

Shiva is among the most widely worshiped deities in India. With names such as Mahadeva ("the great god") and Nataraja ("the king of dancers"), he is venerated in ancient holy cities like Benares, where Saivites (as his worshipers are called) devote their lives to him, viewing him as the Supreme Lord.

Satyaraja Dasa
Nov 22, 2007
A Mountain of Sweets

It was a hillock with a difference. Inspired by the pastimes associated with Lord Krishna, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) here celebrated Govardhana Puja as part of Deepavali.

Nov 07, 2007
Twin Bulls Born in Vrindavan Goshala

In late October, there was a quite rare event in the ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Swami Goshala established by Srila Prabhupada in Vrindavana, India. A beautiful black cow named Arati gave birth to twin bull calves.

Nov 04, 2007
Australian Hare Krishnas Chant and Dance for Rain

Australia is currently in the most severe drought in recorded history, with various levels of water restrictions in major cities and a deepening crisis in rural areas. Brisbane's Hare Krishna Community is doing their part for the city's ongoing water shortage, taking to the streets of the city's suburbs to chant and dance to bring rain.

Sita-pati Dasa
Sep 20, 2007
Srimati Radharani – Mother of the Universe

Srimati Radharani is the mother of the universe. The spiritual mother of all souls. And the concept of mother is the most sacred symbol - that of purity, selflessness, caring, sharing, nurturing, and love.

Kurma Dasa
Sep 02, 2007
“One Love”

I grew up in the United States in the 1960s and 70s. As with many other young Americans of my generation, my world view was significantly influenced by the music of Bob Marley. His songs about revolution, social change, world peace, and racial equality inspired me.

Indradyumna Swami
Mar 26, 2007
SCIENCE: Debate on Interspecies Cloning Reignites

It was nearly a decade ago that Jose Cibelli plugged his own DNA into a cow's egg in a novel cloning attempt that was condemned as unethical by President Clinton and landed the Michigan State University researcher in a mess of controversy.

Mar 26, 2007
Can You Be An Environmentalist and Still Eat Meat?

There has never been a better time for environmentalists to become vegetarians. Evidence of the environmental impacts of a meat-based diet is piling up at the same time its health effects are becoming better known. Meanwhile, full-scale industrialized factory farming-which allows diseases to spread quickly as animals are raised in close confinement-has given rise to recent, highly publicized epidemics of meat-borne illnesses. At presstime, the first discovery of mad cow disease in a Tokyo suburb caused beef prices to plummet in Japan and many people to stop eating meat.

Jim Motavalli
Mar 26, 2007
INDIA: Lankan Children Find Refuge in Bangalore

BANGALORE: Smiling and laughing, the children cluster around the visitor with the camera. They have just discovered that he is from Sri Lanka and that he speaks their language fluently.

Smriti Daniel
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