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First 24hr Kirtana in Florence, Italy
By Arabhakti Das   |  May 28, 2011

In june, Villa Vrindavana (Florence, Italy), will hold its first 24hours kirtan entitled “Sravanam Kirtanam: keep your faith alive by hearing and singing”.

The program will start on the 10th of June with a Maha Harinam in Florence, followed by 24hours kirtan on the 11th and 12th.

It will be the festival of the Maha Mantra and its spreading through congregational hearing and chanting. The organizers advertise the event also in yoga centers, cultural centers and Universities.

For more information:,, tel: (0+39) 334 2708143 – 328 5572141

For booking:, tel: (+39) 320 9454210