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Pranada Dasi’s “Wise Love” Wins At Indie Excellence Awards
By Madhava Smullen   |  May 25, 2018

Wise-Love by Pranada Dasi has been named the 2018 Winner in the Spirituality category at the National Indie Excellence Awards, which celebrates the best in self and independent publishing.

Described asa handbook of the essence of bhakti written for a modern, Western audience,” Wise-Love has also been named a finalist in Spirituality at the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. 

Both awards are reputable competitions that have been running for more than a decade each.   

They judge books from self-published authors, small to mid-sized presses and publishers, and university presses. 

The judges are not from alternative America or the yoga community, but mainstream America. 

They have to judge from hundreds of books submitted in each category. 

Thus it is quite an achievement that they selected a genuine Krishna bhakti book, written by a disciple of Srila Prabhupada. 

“When Bhakti Devi wants to make herself known, or she wants to spread the gift of divine love, all impediments vanish,” Pranada says. “I’m deeply humbled being able to witness a little unfolding of her desire and feel her power. I’m also tickled that a book on genuine bhakti grabbed the judges’ attention. The awards will place Wise-Love in front of many more people than I could have reached by my little efforts. And that makes my heart sing because we get to share the utterly unique gems of bhakti philosophy/theology with thoughtful, sincere people.”

“Wise-Love” is the term Pranada uses for bhakti – meaning love that’s grounded in reason and philosophy, and in an ancient system used to cultivate it.

The bookhit the Amazon Hot New Releases list at number one in Indian Eastern Philosophy upon its release in March. 

Pranada describes it as a straightforward, concise presentation of the very essence of the bhakti path, without dogma or institutionalism – which she hopes will be appealing and helpful to a wide variety of people.

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To see Wise-Love in the list of winners, click the links below:

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